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  1. Hey everyone, long time no see. Does anyone else experience this issue? ETL1 won't even show in Favorites even though I have had it bookmarked from before. I can see Beginners XPS, ETL2 and Frag server just fine. Currently running 2.81.1 on Linux x64.
  2. Yup, I don't think Bremen or Supply Depot needs destructible trucks. It's pretty bad for Allies unless Axis spawn position and/or times are tweaked to compensate. For Bremen, I wonder if making it easier for Axis to break through the warehouse(?) and reach the second truck barrier will help.
  3. Sorry for wading late into this thread.. I like the general idea but would prefer to keep kill spree messages prominent with that red all-caps prefix. I use it often to track players that got behind friendly lines (Gold Rush especially), or have overwhelming influence by being stationed in a strong position (MGs, etc.) and prioritise my targeting accordingly.
  4. The efficacy of rifle grenadiers is quite specific to the map, even assuming a fully populated 22 vs 22 server. I've never found rifle grenade spam particularly problematic: 1. Their blast radius is quite modest and rarely gib their targets. If you're an experienced medic, you can hang back, avoid the blast for the most part, and run in to revive. 2. Engineers with flak jackets can (almost?) take one to the face without dying. You can also switch to rifle grenades and have a duel or something. I personally have more issues with level 4 soldiers using panzerfaust on 5-10s recharge and carry an SMG on the side. Someone needs to take away their SMG 😀
  5. I'm not sure I understand how the vote manipulation happens. I can see how there could be a scramble though. I agree that increasing interval would help. Maybe tune it such that we have around 3 novel/uncommon maps each round. That way, people like me can just use my 3 votes to cover all or nearly all the candidates.
  6. I rarely vote now because we keep getting outvoted. One contributory factor is that there are a number of novel maps and without one particular choice to rally behind, votes get spread thin. I'd like to see the tallies as people are voting and have the ability to change my vote.
  7. I actually wonder if there is appetite for the game to be enhanced to support 'no artillery/airstrike/heavy weapon' zones. Seems useful for public games. Basically admins define regions in the map and the server prevents artillery/airstrike calls or shots from happening in them. It can be combined with the invisible clipping that's applied to et_beach on ETL1 for comprehensive enforcement.
  8. I was wondering where the map went.. After playing many rounds in tc_base, I think I agree. The thing I miss most from RtCW that can help clear out Axis campers is the unlimited airstrikes and artillery fire you can call (no team timer or sticky charges). Axis have very little cover on both radars and their spawn points are very exposed.
  9. Your memory is correct. A /rate of 25000 and /cl_maxpackets 100 was the recommended setting for broadband connections in the past. I'm not sure why 35000 is the minimum. If you try /rate 25000 on TM ETL, it will be silently ignored.
  10. I use ETLegacy as client on both Windows and Linux. I play with a 3440x1440 screen and ETLegacy allows me to choose the right mode with an FOV that is auto-corrected for the 21:9 aspect ratio. Unlike the old ET client, the text sizes are also scaled appropriately without any manual cvar adjustments.
  11. I think there's a floor of 35000 for rate in the TM server. As I lag and stutter a lot in open maps, or when lots of players are in an area, I wish I could drop rate down to 25000 (or even less) to reduce the bandwidth.
  12. Hey guys, thank you for acknowledging the issue. It's a lot of energy to police a free, public server, but you guys have done an excellent job in keeping the games fun and free of obnoxious players 😀. I appreciate it because I've been on both sides as admin and player and have my own war stories to tell. Name stealing is one of those annoying issue that is better fixed in the server code (or scripting). To be honest, I wasn't even sure if the GUID I captured is correct. I'm amazed that you've managed to track down the player through all the name changes. I am oddly amused that this punk chose to impersonate me. The number of colour escape codes I have used in my name doesn't make it all that easy. Perhaps he copy pasted from a terminal log? 🤔
  13. StiffWrists


    Dear admins, *Please* double check the log before performing an intervention. Someone (Pulna) renamed, called a vote with offensive language and I got muted instead for 1 hour. Can't even warned my teammates about stuff in game. As it's not my first day playing on the srver, I'm also disappointed that it wasn't obvious such actions are very out of character for me.
  14. I prefer to attack and play Allies almost all the time and revel a challenge to play against a strong Axis team. But it's not fun for most players when the team is boxed into a small area around your spawn for the whole game. Rather than K/D ratio, a shuffle decision could be based on damage given by each team. It's a common way to measure one's impact. Or perhaps a mix of both. For very uneven games, the ratio is usually very lopsided. As for the shuffling algorithm itself, I would rather have the server perform a completely random shuffle. One issue with SR shuffle is that SR is an imperfect measure, and basing a shuffle on SR can create what's called a 'systematic bias' which can be hard to correct. A true random shuffle removes this bias but introduces the uncertainty of dice rolls (like a bad card hand). In theory, after a few random shuffles - if people stay long enough and don't team hop - it would at least be self-correcting (the quality of your card hand averages out over many games).
  15. Yes it's probably due to an overload on the server's total available upstream bandwidth or the bandwidth between you computer and the server. My foreign connection is much worse than everyone in EU, so it reaches the threshold much quicker. Not only does it occur more frequent with more players, It is worse in open maps (or buggy maps like erdenburg) where everyone is sort of visible according to the server's determination and every player state has to be broadcasted to every connected client. All those spectators don't help too. This is typical for me in the first stage of decay. No red spike, but lots of late packet delivery producing a very jerky experience. In these maps, I have to play entirely on instinct/muscle memory than actually trying to achieve pinpoint aiming on a moving enemy.
  16. Red spikes in the lagometer indicate your ET client is missing/dropped packets. It could be due to any number of network related issues occurring along the path from the game server to your computer. I personally would not play a multiplayer FPS game over wifi (which is subjected to interference) to avoid what Lost experienced. I believe the infamous hitbox issues have been mostly addressed in ETL. There is also a suggestion in ETL's project page to implement capsule hitboxes (used in Quake Champions) that can better approximate the player body shape so that the apparent size of hitboxes on screen doesn't vary depending on where the target is facing. The 'getting shot from behind a wall' effect is due to how antilag works. What actually happened is that you were already hit before you ducked into cover, and the hits registered late for you. With antilag, the server maintains a history or timeline of where every player is and every shot taken in a a short time period. The server then performs something called 'reconciliation' that resolves each hit in this time window and then updates every client of the result. This introduces a bit of delay in order to make the game somewhat fairer and far more playable at higher pings. Without this, players would have to lead their shots, in proportion to their ping times. Maybe there is something about the calculations involved that makes 90ms players particularly hard to hit. The following video provides a nice visualisation of this process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EwaW2iz4iA
  17. Can't speak for the rest as I play with around 200ms ping. I do experience this weird inconsistency as well. There are times where my shots would land as I expect and my accuracy would be unreal (for this ping anyway). Then there are those times where every other enemy player (not just those with good strafing skills) seem to glide past my bullets and the blood splatters show up far behind my target. It's all down to a combination of relative skill, play style, antilag implementation, frame rate, frame lag, input lag, and network lag. The sentiment from scrim players is that ETL's antilag system is better than ETPro. Bullets land where they should and headshots are much easier to land. After playing on the Hirntot ETPro server, I have to agree with them. Perhaps you can watch the shape of the lagometer graph to get a feel of the consistency of the network lag. A flat bar indicates a very stable ping and considered good: firstly, the game client can predict and render the enemy position more accurately; and secondly, hit sounds arrive at a consistent rate so you can micro-adjust your crosshair as you track the enemy's head. Frame latency is an interesting issue. Recently, I noticed that just having Firefox running in the background makes the graphics jerkier and laggier, even though my FPS counter is stuck at 200. Even though we have powerful computers in 2022, we have everyday apps like web browsers that use GPU acceleration for graphics which can compete with the game for rendering resources. For reference, I have an AMD Ryzen 3800X (8-core) and an AMD RX6900XT card. Play style is worth mentioning here. If you get into good positions and catch the enemy unaware from the side or from behind, your accuracy will improve dramatically as enemies are not strafing and firing back at you. I hope you can continue to find enjoyment regardless and stay for a while
  18. Now I'm sure some of you are sick of RtCW veterans whining about how stock ET classes and maps are badly balanced, but comparing the two games yields important insights into this issue. You can trace this consternation over rambo medics all the back to the initial ET release. We were the first to notice and complain during the fueldump only beta. ET medics simply have too much ammo and can operate independently of field ops. The reverse is true too. RtCW Lieutenants (field ops) have to constantly ration their charge bar to supply ammo to medics. ET field ops have far more charge to use for artillery/airstrike. This is made less problematic in ET with the introduction of sticky charges and a team-wide recharge timer artillery/airstrike. Additionally, ET airstrikes have their charge requirement increased from 1/2 (in RTCW) to 3/4 or full. These changes had not been necessary in RtCW despite how easy it was to spam airstrikes. One simple change (in the sense of gameplay complexity) is to deny medics the extra clip + grenade after leveling light weapons, and the ability to pick up an enemy's dropped gun. To get a sense of how much difference this makes, watch how differently Caro plays when he limits himself to a single pistol as primary. This is how gunfights in RtCW often end up - 'orphaned' medics have to fend for themselves with the miserly pistol against SMGs that fire 2-3x the ET rate (see this). In RtCW, I would run around with the pistol and only switching to SMG when necessary to conserve ammo. In ET public games, I'll often go full on rambo and self-kill unless my team is under siege. Another factor that incentivises rambo medics is map design: the availability of ammo cabinets, and placement of spawn points. The latter point is subtle. In the standard maps, spawn points are often close to objectives in such a way that it's relatively advantageous to go on a solo shooting spree and then self kill. Think of tc_base vs erdenburg. In tc_base, although both radars are relatively close by, reaching them opens yourself up to easy attacks. To reach the north radar, you have to thread on open ground surrounded on all sides, high and low. To reach the south radar, you have to run through a narrow corridor which enemies have a clear sight of and then clear one of two narrow gaps (one of which requires a jump) to access the staircase. So when the south radar is lost, Axis defenders tend to prefer holding their position on the high ground, or staying near the spawn to watch the ground corridors in both directions. It plays out this way in both public games and tournaments unless Axis is dominating. You can make a similar point for the others: Village, Assault, Ice, Beach. There is little you can do to address without architectural modifications, except maybe to remove ammo and health cabinets. It sounds like overkill, however.
  19. StiffWrists


    I'm basically right about something wrong with Erdenberg. Every area is 'visible' no matter where you are. In the screenshots attached, you can see that both radars are drawn despite how far and how obscured they are from the Allied first spawn. Data for practically every player in the map will be transmitted no matter where they are, generating a lot of unnecessary traffic. Compare it with Supply Depot, where most of the hidden areas are dropped from processing. Is there an updated version of this map that fixes this issue?
  20. Cool! I have not played that many: The 39 Steps, STEINS;GATE and a depressing one about a terminally ill girl seeking death (can't remember the name). More than novels, I tend to play more adventure games or walking simulators like Backbone, Detention, Firewatch, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Monkey Island, Life is Strange, etc.
  21. StiffWrists


    Some maps lag way worse than others from my experience and Erdenberg is absolutely the worst culprit. It's impossible for me to get a stable 200ms ping there. I have also noticed that the latency spikes are aggravated the more players there are. My theory has been that it's due to two things: 1. Bandwidth bottleneck somewhere in the network path. Bandwidth saturation produces knock-on effects like elevated or unstable latencies. 2. Map geometry is not well sectioned (or has leaks) so you end up with far more server traffic than necessary to update invisible players. (2) is maybe testable by recording a demo and playing back using r_showNormals 1. From the EU, network bottlenecks really shouldn't be a problem. To check this, you could maybe run Speedtest (https://www.speedtest.net/) from your computer and picking the ISP the main ETL1 server is on. One misconception behind network issues is that the problem lies on one end or the other i.e. the ISP or the game server in this case. In reality, it very much depends on the routing between the two endpoints and the problematic node on the path could belong to an intermediary. As far as client tweaks is concerned, there is the setting of packet duplication to off (cl_packetDup 0), reducing snaps, reducing rate and reducing cl_maxPackets. Except for cl_packetDup, the ETL1 server is unfortunately too restrictive for any of the above to work. I have always wondered if it would be better to set a range of acceptable snap and rate values rather than fixing it to 40 and 35000 respectively. On a sidenote: regarding traceroutes (or tracert on Windows), you have to be careful with interpretation. 1. Most service providers will ask you to provide traces in both directions because the forward and reverse paths may not be the same. 2. It is alright for intermediate nodes to not respond to traces. Pings and Traceroutes use a different protocol (ICMP) and are considered 'control traffic' instead of 'data traffic' and switches/routers prioritize forwarding data. The right way to interpret Traceroute results is to look at the trace in reverse, beginning from the destination. Note down the latency and losses, then work backwards to the earlier nodes to observe the progression.
  22. Dude! It really depends on the map but I prefer Allies because they're on the offensive most of the time. Like Sebastian, I do hate walking long distances and then getting blown up with a still full magazine. But I try to find some enjoyment hopping at speed around.
  23. I play medic most of the time and can empathise with nosekbk. However, medic pushes are the main engine of RtCW and ET attacks, so nerfing them will change the game drastically. In scrims people deal with them by gibbing bodies as soon as an enemy is dropped. The OPness of medics in public games has less to do with the ability to revive and heal than the fact that they have too much ammo. In RtCW, their power was heavily checked by several facts: 1. No XP or levelling system so no extra clip or dual-wielded pistols. 2. Inability to pick up an enemy's weapon (no backstabbing sprees). 3. No ammo cabinets. 4. Self-kills and team-kills give -3 score each. Revives are worth about +3 (so TK-revives don't move your score) each and kills are +1 each. This meant that medics were entirely reliant on lieutenants (field ops) to supply them with ammo and always played a supporting role. It is typical after an exchange of fire that medics had to make do with the pistol. This was especially difficult to RtCW as SMGs were much more deadly with higher firing rates and dealt more severe knockback. When there are breakthroughs, you would have to hold position with only pistols and wait for reinforcements. In RtCW, there was also a limit of 10 needles per life but that is rarely reached. It made max lives games especially interesting though. Competitive ET matches sort of reproduce this pattern of play by disabling the XP system. But it's no fun for public games I guess. It's a balance issue that ET public servers have never really managed to resolve satisfactorily in my view. Disabling medic level 4 (adrenaline) helps I guess. Another thing about matches is that the low team sizes (6 aside usually) typically meant that you could not afford to spare a medic player to get around the enemy front to harass. A field ops or a panzerfaust/bazooka carrying soldier has better firepower and more bang for buck.
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