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    20Y Anniversary Event #1: Hide & Seek

    By 0wN1x,

    20Y Anniversary Event #1:
    Hide & Seek


    Due to circumstances a week later than expected, but let's kick off our 20 years anniversary event month! 
    We'll start with the all time favorite: Hide and Seek.

    If you have any suggestions for the upcoming events this month, feel free to leave a message here or on Discord.

    We hope to see you there, have fun :danced:


    Time: 8PM CET
    Date: 15-05-2022 (tomorrow)


    TeamMuppet 20 Years Anniversary Month

    By 0wN1x,
    TeamMuppet 20 Years Anniversary Month!
    May 2022


    TeamMuppet was founded in May 2002 by a group of co-workers. It first started as a Soldiers of Fortune 2 clan, 
    and later moved to Wolfenstein Enemy Territory upon its release in 2003. That means we'll soon turn 20 years old!
    20. Years.

    We would like to thank everyone, from regular player to admin, now and from the past, for being part of our community over the years. 
    We greatly appreciate your presence and the work that's being done on our servers on a daily basis in order to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. 
    We wouldn't be where we are right now without you. Last but not least, a special thanks to @MrMuppet and @MiniMuppet for creating this madness we all love so much all those years ago. Thank you.

    To celebrate this huge milestone, we're turning the month of May into our 20 Years Anniversary Month! 
    Be ready for multiple events throughout the month! Keep an eye on the forum and/or Discord for further announcements regarding the events. 
    We hope you'll enjoy our anniversary month and, of course, the many many months after that. Here's to another 20 years! 🍻

    ~The Muppet team


    Ps; don't feel left out if your name is not on the artwork. It doesn't make you any less appreciated. I just could only add so many names on there 🤷‍♂️

    Hide & Seek Event: Find Your Valentine PART II

    By 0wN1x,

    😍 Find Your Valentine PART II 😍
    Hide & Seek Event


    By popular demand we present to you: Find Your Valentine Part II!
    For those who missed out last Sunday, here's another chance of playing some hide and seek.
    And to those who were there last time, feel free to join in again. There's enough love for everyone! 😘

    Time: 8PM CET
    Date: 20-02-2022 (coming Sunday)

    Hide & Seek Event: Find Your Valentine!

    By 0wN1x,

    Find Your Valentine! 
    Hide & Seek Event


    Will you find your Valentine or will you stay out of the hands of your not so secret admirer? Join us for some fun games of Hide & Seek coming Sunday! 

    Time: 8PM CET
    Date: 13-02-2022 (coming Sunday)


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