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    Baserace event winners

    By Dmxj,


    Baserace winners


    Hellooo! :cheers:

    Wooow what can we say more then thank you?!

    You guys were great and showed up with more then 30 people on our first "Legacy" event

    🥇 @Nanaa   (overall winner 3 maps)
    🥈 @TRan$i (Overall XP winner)
    🥉 Crazy_Gimp (2nd on 3 maps)

    Congratulations with your first place and we'll send you as soon as possible your 20$ price

    Hope you all enjoyed the event and see you next time 

    TeamMuppet & @HunteR.


    Are you ready to BASERACE?

    By Dmxj,

    TeamMuppet presets: BaseRace Marathon.


    Friday the 3rd of december TeamMuppet will organise a baserace event.
    The main goal of the evening is fun, but to make it a little more interesseting we will play 3 rounds of 25 min and shuffle the teams every round.
    Do you manage to win all 3 rounds?
    Congratulations! You can call yourself the BaseRace master and will receive a small price of $20*.

    When?: 03-12-2021, 8PM CET
    Discord?: TeamMuppet Discord

    Round 1: 20.05 - 20.30 (Baserace normal)
    Round 2: 20.35 - 21.00 (Baserace winter)
    Round 3: 21.05 - 21.30 (Baserace desert)

    We are looking forward to welcome you at our BaseRace server.

    *If there are multiple people with 3 wins, the player with the most XP wins.

    Are you in? Please make contact in the baserace channel or pm  @Matu - @0wN1x - @HunteR.

    TeamMuppet & Hunter

    Artwork by @0wN1x

    Halloween Weekend 2021

    By 0wN1x,

    TeamMuppet Halloween Weekend



    Not a year goes by without our Halloween Event. Also this year we have something fun in store for you.
    It will be a little bit different from last years Halloween events though, as it will take place on our main ETL server and will last the entire weekend.
    To those of you who after reading this look like they've just seen a ghost 👻, no worries.
    There will only be some minor add-ons 🎃 and some Halloween themed maps in the mapcycle.


    0WN1X out.

    Death match event winners

    By MiniMuppet,



    We would like to thank everyone who turned up for the event on Sunday. I hope you all enjoyed it.

    We would like to congratulate the 4 winners we hope you find something fun to spend your winnings on. We would like to thank Tupla for donating his money back to TM :girldance:

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