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    ETL Campaign is a GO

    By Charlie,

    While this server never stopped running we have decided to put more effort in to making it work with the latest Legacy release. @Dmxj has helped set up and push the server. We also have @Bystry who has lain the foundations and build the server up to what it is today. The vast majority of all the scripts, lua and configs are down to this mad lad. And we have @eMMiel promoting and pushing the server, finding the fresh meat to play. If any one had any questions, concerns or suggestions about ETL Campaign don't hesitate to message them!

    The server is made to attract higher skilled people and people who enjoy scrims. Something as a down time or in between matches or whatever. It's a campaign server (obviously) with the current scrim maps in rotation. Snaps is also set to 40 which is a big deal apparently (I've no idea).

    Anyways the server is up and running and has had up to a 6v6 tonight across multiple maps so far. Go check it out if you want to experience a quieter but arguably higher skill player base (I promise we won't ban you! Maybe). As usual any suggestions are more than welcome.

    From Dmxj:

    The server provides the latest legacy client.

    - 10 map rotation (only scrim maps)

    - All competitive settings

    - Official spawntimes

    - Limited heavy weapons and landmines

    - Stable ping

    - First public server with 40 snaps

    - Time bonusses




    A big thank you

    By MrMuppet,



    Dear Muppets, friends and regulars!

    A few months ago, we decided to start a TeamMuppet Fund.

    There was a reason behind our decision: we wanted to keep up with the modern world, bring some innovations and constantly improve things for the sake of our players. That included supporting the ET: Legacy developers with donations, advertising our community on various social media platforms and upgrading our Discord server - to keep this game active and alive.

    Now, a few months later, we can't believe seeing the amount of money we have managed to collect - we raised more than 900 euro! TeamMuppet is always transparent with the donations and you can always see when and how much money comes in our Fund and how and when we spend it - check the 
    #💰┃donations channel or our website for more information.

    And last, but not least: TeamMuppet wouldn't be the community it is now without each and every one of you! We would like to thank you from the bottom of our Muppets heart for all the donations you've made, for keeping this game alive and for playing on our servers!

    We hope that after 19 long years we can provide you with - at least - another 19 years of lovely gameplay and lots of fun at TeamMuppet community!

    2.77 legacy release

    By MiniMuppet,

    'Capture the City!'

    It's massive. It's stable! It's GODLIKE!

    It was also overdue, but now it's finally time for ET: Legacy 2.77 'Capture the City!', our most comprehensive release to date. Yes, we have been saying that about the past releases as well, but only because it's true! Thanks to an actually growing ET: Legacy community and more active interest and involvement by players and server owners alike, the amount of feedback we have received since 2.76 was absolutely astonishing. Thank you for that!


    At this point, we want to extend the warmest of all regards to the TeamMuppet ET community, who braced against a continued storm of bugs and endured frequent server crashes and downtimes by testing unstable development snapshots. The feedback gathered through your playtests has been incredibly valuable. So valuable in fact that we decided to provide those development snapshots publicly over here. They are a wonderful opportunity for us to massively shorten the release cycle in the future, lower the feedback barrier between developers and players and get hands-on experience on the latest features and bug fixes by the community.


    We know the most interesting part of a new release is to read up on all the things that got fixed, added or changed, however, it's not possible to go through everything in detail here, so please have a look at the comprehensive changelog here. Nonetheless, there naturally are items on the list that stand out and we decided to compile them in the very short list below.

    Added new download container system (read more)
    Fixed VM_Create crash when player had utf-8 chars in their username (Windows)
    Added HUD objective indicator
    Added clearer simple items icons (use cg_simpleItems 2 to only use simple packs and weapon)
    Added shoutcaster mode / Added shoutcast overlay
    Added prestige feature that tracks players skill levels reset
    We still want to provide you with in-detail explanations regarding some changes we are especially excited about, so please stay tuned for more blog posts in the coming days. For now, however, we think it's best to let you play around with this new release without further ado:
    ET: Legacy 2.77 agains comes with support for Windows, Linux and MacOS as well as brand-new Raspberry Pi support which will go online in the next few days! We're also happy to announce that support for Android devices is under development and should be available to you soon'ish(TM).

    If you are not yet part of our Discord community, now is the ideal time to join. You will stay on top of things with news regarding ET, RTCW and most importantly ET: Legacy development. You can actively engage in discussion and help shape the game we all love to play. We are also happy to say that you can find active players in a growing competitive community on ET: Legacy. Things are starting to take shape and you can be right there with us!

    written by Kemon 


    Teammuppet would also like to thanks all the Legacy dev for all there hard work and for keeping ET alive.

    @kemon @Aranud @RaFaL @Jacker @ryven @Spyhawk @WuTangH @Timothy


    We would also like to thank the whole community for there feedback and support over the years :) 


    Any issue please post in this topic 


    New year

    By MiniMuppet,

    TeamMuppet would like to wish everyone who keeps this community going a Happy new year




    Wishing you successful 12 months, Joyful 52 weeks, lovely 365 days, memorable 8760 hours, blessings of 525600 minutes and happiest 31536000 seconds. Happy New Year!

    Here’s to another year full of joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories with unforgettable Team

    Thank to everyone who is part of Teammuppet and all the regulars who keeps our servers active. Have a great new years and please stay safe :girldance:

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