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    Merry Christmas!

    By Charlie,


    Thank you everyone for being a part of this awesome community this year! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :santaclaus:

    Xmas Event

    By MiniMuppet,


    Dear Muppets and friends.

    Ho Ho Ho its Christmas, come join us for snow and fun on our xmas server.
    Time: 7pm CET (20:00 CEST, 6pm GMT...)           
    Date: 19.DEC
    Join us at Discord
    See ya there!

    <=TM=> Management & Event team

    Thanks to the art work @0wN1x

    3v3 Draft cup

    By MiniMuppet,



    Heya guys,

    The Xmas-CUP! Bbk and me have decided to go through with this. We already have 13 people who are intrested in playing, so we can already make 4 teams. 
    As I've already announced it will be an ETLegacy 3v3 draft cup  to be played on the 20th of december at 8PM GMT+1 (Berlin hour).

    We have decided to play a draft cup so that it would be more fair.
    We will give each player points on 10. Then we will try to even the teams as much as possible. So we will try put the lower ranked players with the higher ranked players. 

    Each game consists of two maps. These maps needs to be chosen in the following mappool. 

    These maps will be decided by each captain at the beginning of the game. 
    If the winner is still undecided, a decider-map has to be played. The side wich can choose this map will be decided by cointoss.

    As communication is key to play scrims, having a mic available to you is of the most importance. 

    You can ofcourse keep signing in. Just PM me on discord: eMMiel#7947.
    We will close the signups when 24 people has been reached or on 15/12/2020

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