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  2. My new second hand Ultravox collection vinyl
  3. The idea alone that they often use very old estonian folk songs as loop recordings and every song uses old lyrics just sounds awesome. It is whole new music on vinyl As they are touring all over world makes also possible to maybe spot their show and go look them (https://tradattack.ee/kontserdid) you can hear old flutes, bag pipe and jaw harps next to effected 12-string guitar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph44j0lMK3Q As etno-promoter in Estonia, im a friend of theirs and true fan . C#
  4. If you want cool estonian music, I can help you with it. They still do new vinyls too. Just purchased Trad Attack "kullakarva" that is etno-instrumental-indie worth listening if interested in variety of music combined etno. A lot of cool samples in youtubes aswell. C#
  5. Nice! I play guitar and bass myself. Mused to work in a studio. Recording for metal bands in Scotland. It was fun and I miss it sometimes. I will check link later when I finish work
  6. I think I've been collecting vinyl for about 2-3 years now. Currently around 80-100 albums lying around, ranging from The Black Keys to Pet Shop Boys. Probably have to setup a Discogs account because I'm already losing track (no pun intended) of the albums I have. Most recent purchases include Arctic Monkey's 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not', Hozier's debut album 'Hozier' and Creedence Clearwater Revival 'Green River'.
  7. @PREMEDITATED I play keys, bass, ukulele and guitar. Also able to do beats and instrumentals with virtual instruments. Also record and work for time to time as studio artist who helps to record stuff. I usually listen blues and jazz. I actually buy majority online and when I have friends over from other europe places, I let them deliver them to me. They are way too fragile to trust into regular postal service. https://www.discogs.com/David-McCallum-Music-A-Bit-More-Of-Me/release/579974 one of the best finds for me. They are so core of samples for hiphop but I like their true and s
  8. All the rest of mine are at my Mums house cause I have next to no storage space here hah. too many guitars... (is there such a thing?)
  9. Summerhouse? ooooh fancy :p Nice, what kinda music do you play, what instrument ? Definitely less compressed, plus it's a nice to have in a culture that is trying to rid all hard copies of things haha. This was my latest... Bit on the heavier spectrum :p
  10. Got a few PF on vinyl, wish you where here my favourite to be honest, Pulse Live, great box set on vinyl;
  11. I think I have more than 100 vinyls at my summerhouse and 2 working players. I love to get inspiration from there when I write my music or jam along. it sounds so much better because its not compressed and all is there. C#
  12. Ah but 1984 is theeee best album! PAAAAAAAAANAMA!! Not a huge zero fan. Take em or leave em. Pink flloyd is my jam. Dark side of the moon most epic!
  13. Not got any VH vinyl myself, plenty of CD's, though only with Sammy Hagar, never did like DLR, big Zep fan myself.
  14. Niiiiiice! Remember first time I seen maiden when I was 13 haha was quality! yeah I get the classics on record because nothing compares to the experience. Got the full van halen discography on vinyl as it’s the only to experience them at their finest!
  15. Just wondered if anyone actually used vinyl, I still by quite a bit, + HiRes audio and just a few CD's now, got a classic album off of the kids yesterday;
  16. My record player is broken but looking to get a new one. It was ooooooooold! Haha but yeah now n again get some old gems. how come?
  17. Does anyone still buy vinyl records?
  18. What used to be the opening music to the ET mod NQ

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