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  1. Some suggestions for larger maps, because I feel that the current map rotation contains maps that makes you feel crammed together with 20 players a side: Baserace (Desert) Airfield Assault Castle Attack Facility 31: Toxicity Industry 2 v2 Factory Vesuvius Resurrection
  2. breakout, el_kef_final, erdenberg_t1, et_beach, pirates, reactor_final
  3. It's not possible to cancel votes yet, as this requires additions in the Legacy mod too. I will try to add these for the next release.
  4. Hmm.. Have been looking through my archive of campaigns and TrackBase overview of maps. Remove Saberpeak - looks good but it's scale is too large, requires double jump Capuzzo Airport - the mountain pass is quite biased towards the defending team, so it's pretty hard on a full server Add Toxicity: Facility 31 - great map without double jump Teuthonia - similar to Goldrush, so it's a nice change Marrakech Streets (possibly by Night version) - overall classic! Axis Lab - different map layout than other maps Vesuvius - overall classic! Frost - it's still a bit winter, isn't it? Doubtful Bridges - may be too large during the day Cathedral - has a couple of chokepoints Colosseum - simple objective, but can be boring after a while
  5. I feel a small rectification is needed here. ET: Legacy clients are able to play on vanilla servers and on all mods except for ETPro. You can also see which mods are compatible on this page. In short, anyone with ET: Legacy can play on ETPub, Jaymod, Nitmod, NoQuarter and Silent. Starting with ET: Legacy 2.78 and WolfAdmin 1.3.0 the inactivity checking will be handled on the WolfAdmin side, which should fix this issue. This will remove the need for admins to have shoutcaster status, since anyone with a certain permission will not be kicked because of activity.
  6. Great job! Speaking for myself, I find your server really pleasant to play on. And by the looks of it, the ET community seems to think the very same. Having such a high rank is more than deserved. Congratulations once again
  7. With regards to the shuffle vote being only available for the first x minutes, I could probably add that to the list of voting commands which can be disabled (see voting timeout). Currently WolfAdmin can only disable the 'nextmap' vote after a set time.
  8. I think I've been collecting vinyl for about 2-3 years now. Currently around 80-100 albums lying around, ranging from The Black Keys to Pet Shop Boys. Probably have to setup a Discogs account because I'm already losing track (no pun intended) of the albums I have. Most recent purchases include Arctic Monkey's 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not', Hozier's debut album 'Hozier' and Creedence Clearwater Revival 'Green River'.
  9. Well... Had to wait for a short bit before I could reply (apparently you have some sort of posting restriction). Nevertheless, thanks for the nice, warm welcoming! I will shortly introduce myself: I'm Timo, a Dutch guy that has been playing this game for roughly 10 years or so. Lately I have been playing more from a developer's viewpoint than a player's, though you can find me strolling around sometimes, catching bullets. As for the developing part: I am working on a module called WolfAdmin, which will hopefully make life easier for you on Legacy servers somewhere in the future. Currently it's already out as an add-on and you may find it on some of the NQ servers, and the Legacy team has adopted it on their server. Read more about that on my website. Cya on the servers! ^^
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