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Map "Seasons"


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Somewhat systematic approach to keep track over maps popularity. Resetting accumulated votes for maps after period of time(season) would give fresh and fair start for all maps for next season. Players on server will determine popular maps by using the in game voting system. Least popular maps could be swapped out for new ones, clearing out maps that rarely get played  in order to make room for other maps. New maps could be voted by users in forums for next season. This would give  chance for every player to see their favorite maps on server if majority of players vote so.

Season length maybe 1-2month?,maps swapped 1-5?

This would encourage players in game to vote for maps and visit forums for voting maps.

Just an idea that might work if people are interested in it.

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Hey uips,

You're a guy with alot of suggestions what we really appreciate in TeamMuppet, so thanks for that!

As you can see lately the admins introduced a map system allready based on the theme of the year.

Halloween time had some spooky dark maps (Haunted Mansion, ...)
Winter time (december) they added oasis winter, supply winter, stalingrad, glider etc (snowy maps)

Can't say more what Santa will bring in the next couple of days but as you can see they are working on it.

If you need more information about those @Matu is the man whose in the charge for updating the maplist etc

If you might be interested we could have a chat in our discord or maybe an apply to this community would fit you aswell!

Enjoy your stay and hope to see you one day between our members!

Have a nice weekend

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Yeah.we had monthly mapsuggestion and poll but we didnt get much feedback so we havent done that lately but we still do monthly replacement based what has sugessted on forum or discord. @MiniMuppet or i have the best overview what maps we had,whats popular and so on.Give suggestions and see ya in server;)

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