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Selfkilling player stats

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2 hours ago, yolonese_ said:

Giving the kill to someone would be a big gift, shooting a bullet doesn't kill straight so we can't predict the outcome. 

I think selfkilling in middle of battle can be disrespectful towards enemy team, specially towards one player in a fair 1vs1 fight. When you have a fight and someone just presses kill at last 30hp whatever the reason might be then: to spawn on time or just pride, dropping dead by enemy.

What comes to one bullet, you are already engaged in battle then and u have free will not to use selfkill. Once you decide to use this competitive mechanic to leave battleground in means of gaining advantage, there is nothing to predict as one players statue is dead by mystical means. You can always skip the selfkill, not predict and see how the outcome is. Although I think scared to death is pretty fun and accurate prediction in such cases.

I also think any delays or restrictions on selfkill should not be used. This makes changes to gameplay. selfkilling been part of the game long time and its part of some players play style.

I think the question is if such behavior should be awarded as kill or not? This does not affect gameplay,

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If you are going to do anything, add the awards and the kill imo.

Tbh, I personally thought it was already counted as a kill for the person shooting me, hasn't bothered me one bit regarding my stats and hasn't stopped me self killing. Pleases both parties does it not? 


I don't get why self killing is an insult? We either fight and 1 of us loses, but 1 of us gets the kill regardless so no effect. But if 1 of us does win, it can potentially leave my team at a disadvantage because I'm stuck out of position or dead for long spawn and you are trying to promote people playing objective right? 

90% of the time this is why ppl self kill.


Yes, the other 10% will be to annoy ppl if you are dying to a backraper or a panzer and just want to be a bit annoying. But if you think about it. You've already won anyways and probably more annoying to them.

The person you were shooting has died, they are down for long spawn and you know the real reason they did it, it's almost like you forcing them to give it, which should make you feel better if you are after that? So what is the other result you are hoping for? The kill feed glory? 

Fine...add that too if you want, don't think it will change behaviour.

Maybe if the people that have a problem can list individual reasons why it should be disabled and we can find a way of improving that without changing the game mechanics.


Be it stats, glory, ego or whatever


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Just to clarify one aspect of game immersion releated to self killing.

For example team killing enable forces players to think more when to shoot where to place yourself so u can still be effective in a fight as u dont want to shoot teammate into back. In sense it increases the difficulty of being effective in any given situation, creating more challenge compared to Friendly Fire ON where u can spread damage everywhere not considering your teammates position. It adds immersive realism to the game.

Self killing works in a similar way. Ability to time your spaws refill your ammo and HP etc increase solo activity of player . Increase the speed of game, make most of every second you are alive, the competitive way. It somewhat decreases the immersion team bleeding adds. You relay less on field ops for ammo and medic for HP. You can have more impact on with less effort needed from team. Not being able to selfkill, player will find himself more in against odd situations (No ammo, no HP), perhaps need to plan positioning on map better. Like in a single player game, choosing difficulty easy or hard. Not being able to selfkill makes it harder for player to be effective in a battlefield. Considering the big 20vs20 server where a lot is happening any given second self killing gives competitive behavior gives chance to make more happen any given second.

I dont use selfkill for the same reason you will get sense of lack of ammo and HP, need to relay more on teammates. Find myself in against odd situations therefore increasing challange and making it more fun in that way. Also going very competitve increases the rage and frustration of failure. So i consider the public server fun and relaxing environment and on purposely not forcing myself into that competitive state of making most.

Playerbase of the server consists of lots of skilled players, many probably have competitive backgrounds. Selfkilling has been part of the game for long time. General feedback of people in this topic. 2nd rank in gametracker. All refers to that most people want it enabled.

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