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10 Years Ago ... 2 Months Ago

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So I missed my 10th birthday with TM. Oops! I've been in this community for a little over 10 years now. Been a recruiter. Rage quit the clan. Rejoined. Recruiter. Rage quit. Rejoined. Admin. Leader. Retired. Leader. Retired. Maybe not in that order :) I've met some awesome people, met a lot of awesome people actually. Back in the day on old Jaymod, love any of you guys that are left ❤️ Also met some complete arseholes along the way, I also love you guys I suppose :D Here's to another 10 years 🥰


Also what a shitty application. I would have rejected my ass :P 


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Not to hijack Charlie’s decade of decadence, congrats by the way!! ❤️😈, but funny that Hanna was /rejected! 😛 


Don’t see him lose too often, unless he’s on my team 🙃 

You a detective yet?? I wanted to be an Egyptologist as a kid.. counselors at school veered me away because history sucks and science was where it’s at… I’ve been broke ever since.. shoulda stuck to Egyptologist-ism 😂


And again, congrats Charlie!!!
Although you state your comings and goings as perhaps not being in correct progression, one would think the first and last would be placed in order. With your 10 year anniversary, you decide to retire?? Or old age finally hitting you so you don’t know where you stand anymore 😜 

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2 hours ago, HANNA said:

Well, you can see on that profile that I wasn't active at all (1 post), probably stopped playing ET during that trial period hehe and thus came back in Dec 2020 when I was hooked to ET for a little bit too much (WAY too much playing time in like a half-year period which I regret) 😅
Nah, although I had a look at the Police school back then but it wasnt for 'becoming a detective', I'm not interested in anything Police related anymore.
I decided to go an other way, more like the way which God is leading me and which fits the skills that He gave me which is sport-related. My ultimate dream in life is to support elite athletes, physicial but also the mental and probably a lot more areas which are all-important (for them). But there is still a long way ahead. 

So do I sign you up again or what? 🤣🤣

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