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  1. We can change set g_minMapAge "10" to something more but it wouldn't be beneficial imo. Depending on what gets voted for, 10 maps could be longer than a players play time so they will never see a map they'd like to play. 10 - 12 seems to be the sweet spot after all the fiddling we have done over the years. I don't think we'll ever move from the map vote system, I mean we always want people to have the most input they can. If a map is good then it will get played. Take Pirates for example - that was an addition years ago and proved to be a pretty decent success. Decay is another one that springs to mind for smaller games. Unfortunately ET is an old game and any maps has either already been tried or isn't working/suitable for a large public server. We will always chop and change maps but we can never force people to play them and expect to keep a healthy server.
  2. Admins are looking in to it. In the mean time please be patient with us and don't post unless you have more details to add to the topic.
  3. We're looking at this all wrong imo. The main objective of the map is to steal/secure the docs right? Why don't we just photocopy and share the docs between the teams? It'll save 24 minutes of heartache and needless deaths. Heck axis could photocopy fake docs and allies would never know until they're having tea and crumpets in the evening.
  4. So I missed my 10th birthday with TM. Oops! I've been in this community for a little over 10 years now. Been a recruiter. Rage quit the clan. Rejoined. Recruiter. Rage quit. Rejoined. Admin. Leader. Retired. Leader. Retired. Maybe not in that order I've met some awesome people, met a lot of awesome people actually. Back in the day on old Jaymod, love any of you guys that are left Also met some complete arseholes along the way, I also love you guys I suppose Here's to another 10 years Also what a shitty application. I would have rejected my ass
  5. I know it's a sensitive topic so first off admins will be moderating it as such. Please keep any radical, racial or otherwise stupid comments to yourself. War is terrible and no-one condones what has happened. We wish all the best to Ukraine and highly oppose Russia for what it is doing. That said. What has young John from St. Petersburg done to warrant a ban from TM's ET servers? I understand stomping on the oligarchs and politicians and the people who side in favour of the war, but a general ban on a nations public who arguably disagree with the war doesn't seem fair to me. Even more so in this obscure little community in Wolfenstein:ET.
  6. I saw MrMuppet chase Ande through the house and in to the river on Caen. In an effort to save Ande's life I jumped off the roof and body blocked MrMuppet against the pier and stabbed away. I saved Ande's life and was about to kill MrMuppet ... then I slowly realised Mr wasn't taking damage. I had no idea seekers were immortal. I gave my life for my brother @Ande.
  7. So let's hear everyone's good, bad and ugly valentines day stories! A couple of years back, I think just before covid hit, I liked this girl. Friends with her sister, cousins and mother and I'd go out drinking with her sometimes. Decent friends with them all. Anyways one day I was at her house and talking to her mother having a few beers and pretty much got permission to ask her daughter out. I think the daughter was in bed or something I don't remember. And before anyone asks ... no. I didn't pretend to be a plumber and spend 4 hours trying to fix their pipes in an epic 4-some. A couple weeks passed and I worked out a plan for valentines day. I went and bought her something like this. She's a big Disney nerd and I figure I'd be the Beast to her Beauty or something. I popped over while she was at work and left it for her to unwrap. It had a card in it as well, I don't remember exactly what I wrote but I remember it being fucking embarrassing lol. It turns out she waited until her mother and sister were home together to open it. All 3 of them thought it was going to be a joke and were quite shocked by everything A few messages from them back and forth and it's fair to say it backfired. She held on to the rose but I got well and truly friend-zoned. Worse actually as we very rarely speak and never go out any more. Me and the whole of that family. Someone once said, "No-one ever fell in love without being a little brave". Fuck em Share the stories if you have any ladies and gents Someone's gotta have something worse than mine ... or better!
  8. Beautiful. Can we make the forums pink this weekend too? (And keep it pink)
  9. In a perfect world everyone would press F3 and the map would start with everyone ready but it doesn't work like that on a pub server. I'm guilty of being afk the start for many reasons with the majority me thinking I would be back in time. And being a high admin I can't be put spec until I run the length of the inactivity timer It's up to everyone to call out afk people. You die and Tom is still stood there when you respawn? Call it out. He'll be put spec if he doesn't respond. Besides it's not something TM can do I don't think? Submit a ticket ... request ... whatever it's called on github to the devs.
  10. If the inactivity timer was short, like 10 seconds for example, then it would impact people who chat. You stop to type and the timer starts. I sometimes get the automated warning because I've been typing too much and that's with it at 30 seconds or whatever.
  11. https://github.com/etlegacy/etlegacy/issues/1498 It was pushed back from the current 2.79 release to the 2.8 release, or so it appears. No clue how far along it is to being implemented or anything.
  12. Wait a minute ... I changed the spawn times by a few seconds months and months ago. I was hesitant to change it more than a second or two due to how different attacking the first and second part are. Did I change the wrong teams spawn time and no-one noticed? Pretty sure I didn't change the time limit though.
  13. It sounds like Haunted Mansion. You build a bridge on one side. There is a forest but it's all out of bounds and there is a graveyard on the first part I think. To get to the final mansion you have to blow a coffin ... I think? https://et.trackbase.net/map/25/
  14. I was looking forward to this being a topic of Eagle raging, then I saw the date. I'm disappointed
  15. Charlie

    latest update,

    It's pointing to the wrong folder so it doesn't see any pk3 to load up? C:\Users\Donald\AppData\Local\Temp/etmain The / is the wrong way around at the end. At least I assume that's your issue.
  16. Version 1.0.4


    Christmas Theme used on ETL1 and Nitmod Beginners. Enjoy
  17. It's a fast shoot server so if the bots find you and you sit there they'll just kill you. Even if they suck and miss they still shoot 5 rounds a second or something, enough to cripple you. I cannot express how much of a difference fast shoot makes. The bots are there to fill in when a player cannot, therefore should be able to defend itself and attack as such. Treat them a player. Their waypoints limit them to camping or forcing the obj and so on but expect that. Learn from it. Just because it's a "beginners" server doesn't mean it should be cake walk for even the worst players out there.
  18. What does that even sound like? Hoh hoh ho -ooooooooooh ahhhhhhh! I'd be game to collab with someone for some tortured santa sounds.
  19. Don't forget guys, at 100, 200 and 300 SR you get special perks to use in game. What these perks are we'll leave it to the dedicated to find out
  20. Sick. Crippled. Old. Sore. Dizzy. Ran across the map 47 times to find someone. Still managed 3rd place. I had fun So close to knifing Mini too! Poor @tupla though, he got so close so many times
  21. It's possibly an issue with the latest release. The mouse and/or keyboard stops working if you turn quickly. If you're on the ETL Devs discord: https://discord.com/channels/260750790203932672/894120312453607485 If you aren't on it then here's some snippets. It isn't something TM can fix if this is your issue Pipo. You could try to download an older version of Legacy and play with that until the hotfix is applied. Just make sure you save your etkey and stuff to save your name and infos.
  22. Charlie

    FPS and Snaps

    So many many years ago when I cared about having a config and having everything set to have as big of an advantage as possible, I read that there was optimal fps numbers that helped with jumping and whatever. I don't remember them all off the top of my head but 76 fps was one of them. I use a pretty standard cfg these days and I'm too long in the tooth for competitive shit, but I still have max fps set at 76. Is it worth just unlocking it and let it go wild? I use Legacy client and have a 3070 gfx card which I think is enough for ET on high settings ...? Also can someone explain what snaps is and why 40 is better than 20? Played with both tonight apparently and I noticed zero difference.
  23. While this server never stopped running we have decided to put more effort in to making it work with the latest Legacy release. @Dmxj has helped set up and push the server. We also have @Bystry who has lain the foundations and build the server up to what it is today. The vast majority of all the scripts, lua and configs are down to this mad lad. And we have @eMMiel promoting and pushing the server, finding the fresh meat to play. If any one had any questions, concerns or suggestions about ETL Campaign don't hesitate to message them! The server is made to attract higher skilled people and people who enjoy scrims. Something as a down time or in between matches or whatever. It's a campaign server (obviously) with the current scrim maps in rotation. Snaps is also set to 40 which is a big deal apparently (I've no idea). Anyways the server is up and running and has had up to a 6v6 tonight across multiple maps so far. Go check it out if you want to experience a quieter but arguably higher skill player base (I promise we won't ban you! Maybe). As usual any suggestions are more than welcome. From Dmxj: The server provides the latest legacy client. - 10 map rotation (only scrim maps) - All competitive settings - Official spawntimes - Limited heavy weapons and landmines - Stable ping - First public server with 40 snaps - Time bonusses /connect
  24. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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