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  1. I'm pretty sure this is the same hungarian clown. I give him 1 week max before he gets thrown out of the party
  2. Good old times when players with a 98 ping were magically unhitable
  3. I was sure someone was gonna mention that
  4. He's calmed down since i've explained he was on the edge of being banned, let's see how it goes.
  5. There's this kiddo from Hungary who keeps insulting his teammates (well see his previous nicknames) and crossing the limits. He apparently acts when TM Members seem away, well too bad for him he's not that clever. 4 warns and 3 kicks this month already, someone's going to have to sing a different tune..
  6. No, you got stuck on your idea that selfkilling isnt right on our server and can't see that people actually use it for other purpose than to "frustrate" the enemy. ETLegacy is way more obj based than ETPub was, because of the SR system. Yes, that's right, people go for the obj to make their e-ego better. Like it or not. You don't see many big fraggers not helping their team like we used to see. And sorry to point it out but when teams go for the objective it makes them competitive, and competitive gameplays on ET require selfkilling.
  7. Alright then we should get rid of the 2fops/team limit as you almost never receive ammos on the battlefield and get stuck with 4 clips of luger against 12 players. Seriously let players be...
  8. On maps such as Adlernest nades are actually one of the only ways to hold a proper but still shaky defence versus a teamplay-based allied team
  9. Oh yeah we had that on ETPub in the past, I remember crazy map endings
  10. Fais come chez toi ! Enjoy your time on our servers, see you online
  11. Would LOVE to play some Cathedral again
  12. I really liked the fact that it took place on the main server during the whole weekend. It gave the opportunity to less playing players and people with weird work schedule like me to attend. Thanks a lot for making this huge decision, and taking the risk Only the mines were a little bit too big. Sometimes you felt like walking in your grandma's garden after smoking drugs and trying not to crush those pumpkins she grows with love. Thanks!
  13. DiNg

    Lolotaz tk

    Maybe someone called for an Enemy in disguise in the vocal chat?
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