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  1. My two cents: I really appreciate that SR based on map winning/losing because since then people have actually been going for the objective, even the good old braindead wannabe mAus rambo camping medics. Still you got a point there, stack allies when server is almost full and it's free points all night long
  2. Warned myself the other day ahem How to look like a complete idiot when dealing with a troll haha
  3. Hey guys, Browsing around on this Tuesday morning, I found out that SlashDamage, developers of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, will be hosting a W:ET community night. When? This Thursday 29th April 2021, 8pm BST ! Some players will be playing accross servers from the community and streaming it on their twitch channel. Cool stuff also, they won't be focusing on etpro but on fun public servers, like ours. Maybe we will have the opportunity to host them on our servers ? All the infos are to be found on their website: https://www.splashdamage.com/news/wolfenstein-enemy
  4. As long as you dont kick Wontkins
  5. Hey man, welcome on our forums. See you on the battlefield
  6. Unfortunately even lvl9 members don't have access to this command But he, there's already many things we can do
  7. Haha hey man no worries, didn"t have any nickname in mind to be honest
  8. This, and those who are suddenly "afk phone" right after a shuffle
  9. This. I'm not saying I'm good, far from that, but i'm definitely not switching if it results in making teams more unbalanced than they already are. Also, switching and keeping teams balanced is part of our job, we all signed up for that. But there is nothing more frustrating than getting raged on after you've been battling for 23 minutes on goldrush and have to switch in the last two minutes due to people ragequitting.
  10. Players also need to understand that a win for the defending team doesn't mean teams are unbalanced.
  11. Started watching it. Not going to lie, it's not the best one around, but it's still watchable while doing something else
  12. Haven't noticed anything special with the medic's needle, it still feels like ET. Playing medic on RTCW was way more difficult haha
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