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  1. FritVetBE


    Hey m00f, fun intro
  2. Nice introduction Sebast1an! Hope to see you soon on the server
  3. FritVetBE

    Christmas Event

    Oh nice, a new event! Unlucky i've already planned something nonET that evening
  4. I couldn't agree more! It's somewhat like winning a chess game by putting the other checkmate, or having the other player resign... goal achieved
  5. Oooooh i can't wait until this is active on the ETlegacy server!
  6. yea, that would make it also more bearable, so people won't disconnect/reconnect/go spec 5 seconds before the end of the map ;-)
  7. Scrims can be fun too ;-) Sometimes i feel more like pubbing, other times, scrims are more fun for me; it really depends on what day i've had... Now, the real difference lies in the fact that we all join on discord, so better/faster communication is possible which adds to the experience ;-) it definately quadruples the fun!
  8. FritVetBE

    Can't come back

    Heya If i remember well, ETlegacy should always be upgraded by performing a clean installation (delete any previous installation of the game, then install the game). Before doing so, make sure to backup your configs if you use any. I'm also willing to look into this for you with Teamviewer or so. Since you can connect to other servers, it can't really be the age of your computer, it'll most likely be a software issue.
  9. FritVetBE


  10. SHIFT + ESC should also open up the console.
  11. Welcome on the forums! I was wondering as well if your name had something to do with the linux command, but this intro confirms it!
  12. Yes, but i remember him as Natalie
  13. Hello everyone! So my name is Gert, î'm 27 years old and I work as IT System/network engineer and i live in Belgium. I've started playing ET after a break of 10 years and found the TeamMuppet server via the server browser. I've been playing on it since a week and enjoy it every time I also enjoy playing tablesoccer, gaming (mostly rocket league and ET at the moment) and hanging around with friends. I've already had some entertaining talks on discord already with Xen, Nathalie, Star, CptHaddock. See you guys on the etLegacy server
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