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  1. First suggestion : disable this SR on this maps if it's possible That's the worst frustrating thing I saw since I came back on ET. I know, everybody says : it doesnt matter BUT ... it does matter. It's something we don't talk about but I think it generates a lot of bad stuff. Just watch when a team loose, how many players go to spec ? how many are waiting to join the "right" team ? When a new map is voted, everybody goes to spec too. Why ? Probably because you don't want to loose -0.20 on an unknow map. Well that said, I just played on a giant new map and I lost -0.15 playing with 3 bots that didn't know where to go, me neither. So I ragequit at the end
  2. Happy anniversary ! Hats off !
  3. I have exactly the same feeling as you Seekah and a bit of the same experience: Etpro and 3vs3 or 5vs5 game. It's obvious on the big server, you shoot and sometimes it doesn't hit. When I switch to the small ET2 server, it's really more pleasant. It hits! Each time I look at the "snaps / rate" of the players, I change my settings, I try to optimize (rpicmip etc..).
  4. From my point of view : don't change anything ==> Also Medic starts with few ammo and most of players don't want to gib because of that . So medic can be the weak point of your team too . Rambo medic / "Slash kill" / mortar / random nade / loto riffle that"s a jungle when we are 20vs20 but not when you play on ET2 server. After playing years with a team (and a 10 years pitstop), it was rude to play on a public server but now I am rediscovering the pleasure of my early days in ET. I'm trying new class i never played before (snipe panza inge) and keep it cool. When it's mental, I change to ET2 (my prefered server but often empty) and pray to survive one spawn (as a medic with a big pile of medic pack)
  5. hello no more error with the latest pk3. thank you
  6. But when I quit I see some errors that I don't have witout TMMainmenu : 0 ERROR: ui/ingame_vote_misc.menu, line 57: expected integer but found CV_SVF_SHUFFLETEAMSXP 0 ERROR: ui/ingame_vote_misc.menu, line 57: couldn't parse menu item keyword voteFlag 0 ERROR: ui/ingame_vote_misc.menu, line 57: couldn't parse menu keyword itemDef 0 ERROR: ui/ingame_vote_misc_refrcon.menu, line 56: expected integer but found CV_SVF_SHUFFLETEAMSXP 0 ERROR: ui/ingame_vote_misc_refrcon.menu, line 56: couldn't parse menu item keyword voteFlag 0 ERROR: ui/ingame_vote_misc_refrcon.menu, line 56: couldn't parse menu keyword itemDef
  7. Hello Thank you for your pk3. _TMmainmenu.pk3 works fine for me (Ubuntu 20.04 - Et Legacy). Didn't test it yet with ET 2.60b
  8. Hello For me a SK is a feature and is mandatory if you play in a competitive way. - rush with nade and sk - Sk to go back to Spawn - sk to avoid a full Spawn death So why not giving a frag to your enemy but please don t put restrictions on /kill
  9. I recently installed ET 2.60b client and I had a little trouble finding a good configuration for our Full HD screens. Is there any point in using the ET 2.60b client instead of ETL 2.77 ? Etpro only playable on ET2.60b client ?
  10. I'm really curious to watch a game nowaday. I played a lot of match and at the end I think my team [3F] was med/med+ but i was a level behind We managed to be in 4th position in Clanbase ladder (yes we took screenshot because this ranking lasted only few days ahaha) but we were at a solid "top ten" place. I don't remember 3vs3 ladder but we were "not too bad" . To be honest, I didn't played public servers that much except at the beginning of the game. Our priority was team training, competition but fun. So I'm really lost on first ETL server with 16vs16 and it's really exciting to see those guys shooting like they were on a 3vs3 through bullets and f***ing panza. Thanks for the invite !
  11. Hello I stopped ET in 2009 and came back few monthes ago. Got age and glasses for vision now ! First come back on the beginners server, and we called me "cheater" ( I was quite proud of this remark ahahah - because i'm not a cheater ofc). And then I discovered the teammuppet legacy server oO. I've seen a lot of matches and a lot of players but I'm very impressed with the actual level on this game . When I look stats : a lot of guys have 40% - 45% accu and more (and with a lot of headshot ) ! Such high stats were pretty rare between 2003 and 2009, even on national teams. Are there any old players who think, like me, that the level is now super high? Or that the stats are not calculated as before :D? And why the heck everybody is crouching when I shoot them
  12. Finally received a razer Deathadder V2 mini (instead of a viper mini due to an error from amazon). Not really a premium quality mouse as the Mamba Wireless but it's enough for ETL.
  13. well I had an "old" MX 518 in 2004 then were very happy with my Copperhead so I bought The best of two world : a razer mamba... but it's not So i'll give a try to a viper mini. I'll keep you update. thanks
  14. Hello just a quick question. I recently came back to ET and I bought a new mouse to replace my old Razer copperhead : a Razer Mamba Wireless. In fact It feel big and I get cramps while playing with it ahahah. So I wanted to know if one of you had this old but good cooperhead and changed for a new one. Which model ? I was thinking about a viper (tiny mouse) I really want to change my copperhead because the skin is degraded and sticky . The good thing is that my hand doesn't slip... (settings : sensitivity 3.1 in game and 1800 dpi ) thanks
  15. thanks for your reply and your invite for this saturday xmas party but i'll be off for a few days. I don't knwo if i can play with a shared connection with 4G I tried other servers this morning. It's so good to teamkill again Bullet rate (frequency ?) seems lower on ET Legacy than NitroMod.I was mainly playing on ETPRO, What is the most similar mod ? I forgot some stuff in my presentation : 47 y. old from South of France Was an active member of wolfarea and enemyterritory-fr, a big french commun website / communauty We had the opportunity to participate to ET:Quakewar beta version but fun wasn't really the same so we continued playing 5vs5 and 3vs3 until the end. My prefered player is DLP (Dieulepère - Father Good) not really skilled but so fun with a big rail gun (I hope he'll read this)
  16. Hello my name's Ralaoups, old Enemy territory player (2004) back in game since one month. Was member of few clan [FLBK] Front de libération de la bouteille de Ketchup Coldfire [3F] Frag for Fun A lot of competitions with clanbase and other e-cup. Nice to play again this game after 10 years or more without playing.
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