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  2. Thanks for the story- i think you took the right decision. Regarding bug hunting, i can tell you from my side, that last year when you started to release test builds for the TM Server i thought, wow, gaming might become useful actually to keep this game and the community around it alive. But i never ran over bugs which actually bothered me or were not reported in your redmine or the TM forums (apart of server crashes in autumn last year). So im just grateful for running a stable linux client. You are doing a great job, and ETL Server counts will increase, looking at splatterladder Mod release version, might become more interesting now.
  3. I was on the server when this happened. Jessica warned at the beginning of the map that spawnkill with heavy will lead to kick. Then documented every kick in public chat not to repeat the failure of others. So there was some kind of warning. On the other hand i absolutely agree to you, that spawnkilling rules are enforced in a strict way which might seem stupid. And i fully agree that there are more important rules to comply like keeping teams even (without autoblancer, and giving responsibility back to players and members to make the server fun for both teams), stop insults, ... . I think Jessica is a great admin and one of my favorite members, but i dont like the way the whole spawn killing rule enforcement thing is going, when admins just spec spawn to warn/kick at the right time... . It is sad if game just get lost because of spawnkilling, so enforcement seems important to some. Nobody (maybe one :)) has fun warning/kicking people, that is for sure.
  4. Servercrash at 23:10 (german time) map pretoria.Nobody wanted to play it anyways...
  5. Oh Jessica, old wise man. Thats absolutely true i guess, At least for me. But i support to get rid of double/triple maps on the server. In some post i stated that the standard maps have to be online. But GR_TE is so much better. As well as the battery version we got online. Dont know if its easy possible to not show the voting results, but would be great to test. When playing Cortex not many knew their way around, so im not a fan. But having transmitter (which already was on) and warbell back...
  6. What a nice intro! Welcome ! Let the fun times stay
  7. If explained it should be in intermission, as that is the only time you can collect your points.
  8. For me this Prestige points thing is alright. Progression in Skillpoints needed to make higher prestige levels harder would be nice, but not necessary (to celebrate our best players we still have SR). In my last 2 weeks experience, i see much more different classes on the server. That is good but imo not always good for objective play. Overall i think the speed decreased a lot, not so much FOP spam (it will return as not many care about Prestige yet) but lots of mines. I see this really positive as it returns some gameplay even on full servers. For improvement i would suggest 5 out of 7 skills max should be sufficient for a prestige point, otherwise everyone (even me) is running around with BS4 and LW4 for ages (mines...).
  9. Warbell Want Goldrush SW back and GR- GA and Standard GR away. There was a time i thought standard maps have to be on server... TImes are changing.
  10. slowtobi


    Diablo 2, at that point you won my heart. Bully on
  11. had the "no weapon after revive" bug once(!) today in 3 hours play. On supply depot, revive after nade kill at 2020-01-04-210805. Didnt see this for ages. Weapon was not visible/usable/switchable, selfkill helped.
  12. slowtobi

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Xmas you all, thanks for prettiest Chrismas tree of the year! and 100% organic
  13. Really like, didnt expect to, but it fits really well! Thanks Admins!
  14. was forced to put my 5cents in. attached a screenshot of some people on the server with spontanous feedback. Had only one negative reaction about putting Xmas Hats on the server. Imo thats sufficient to put some XMas Gimmicks on. And somehow it felt a bit like Xmas tonight with lots of chatting and nice people. So i agree Xmas Hats and ribbons are a fine thing to put on.
  15. At 21:00 Server did not crash but did have massive connection issues, 60% of clients dropped. We were loosing anyway, so again fine for me. Server loves me. And now just while i write this again.
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