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  1. Awesome Artwork & Congratz for 20 Years!
  2. Campaign is back :). Thank you very much @Bystry @eMMiel @Dmxj
  3. here it is Welcome Sir Jere
  4. @Matuvery detailed and helpful list. Thanks for your hard work
  5. sensi_

    New year

    Happy new year
  6. Hey b00n. Welcome to the forums. I remember a guy called b00n from years ago. Did you played in NO4 with Braindead and Tweety?
  7. Welcome Gert. Ye we had a nice time on discord. Looking forward to the next one. V56
  8. Should be not more then 20 secs before the round ends
  9. Cortex https://et.trackbase.net/map/433/
  10. It happens randomly. Only while speccing and a few seconds before the End of the Round.
  11. Thanks for clearing it up Spyhawk bind F5 "class m 1 1;play sound/chat/axis/62a;echo ^2/^7medic" bind F6 "class e 1 1;play sound/chat/axis/63a;echo ^2/^7engineer" bind F7 "class e 2 1;play sound/chat/axis/63a;echo ^2/^7engineer^2/^7rifle" bind F8 "class f 1 1;play sound/chat/axis/64a;echo ^2/^7fieldop" bind F9 "class c 1 1;play sound/chat/axis/65a;echo ^2/^7covertops" This is what i'm using atm :D. I think i found another bug. My client keeps crashing to desktop when speccing (when there alot of ppl on the Server). It happens short before the round Ends. Tried to reinstall the client but it still crashes. Don't had that before.
  12. So for example: class m 1 2 is a medic with smg + akimbos, Seto said class m 1 0 is a medic with one pistol (Thanks for that Seto i also prefer 1 pistol <3). What's class m 1 1 then?
  13. One Thing you can do is to change the weapon before the ammo is finished. Feels faster for me. Might be Placebo. The other Thing is to add the cvar cg_weaponcycledelay "0" (standard is 150) in your autoexec or Console. cg_weaponCycleDelay 150 // delay between accepting a new weapon has been selected What also works great is to bind the pistol on one of the Mouse Side Buttons. Hope this helps you out m8
  14. Thanks again Spyhawk :). Restored my old etkey and will continuing playing. Will give Feedback in a few days. Have a nice Weekend. Cheers
  15. I did a Test and deleted my etkey (saved it :D) and let ET:L create a new one. The new one is working with SR as it should. Just to let you know. Maybe it helps <3
  16. Is there something i can do? i know that it happens for MissRammsteinNL, TheGreatPharaoh, shark and myself. i didn't changed anything. Key is the same as when i started coming back to et. Thanks for your help <3 P.S: on the server now. Slot is 16. If i can do more just let me know
  17. Since the last Update it seems that for some ppl including me the SR Rating does not work anymore. It was reset and stays @ zero since then. Is this a known Bug?
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