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  1. Awesome Artwork & Congratz for 20 Years!
  2. Campaign is back :). Thank you very much @Bystry @eMMiel @Dmxj
  3. here it is Welcome Sir Jere
  4. @Matuvery detailed and helpful list. Thanks for your hard work
  5. sensi_

    New year

    Happy new year
  6. Hey b00n. Welcome to the forums. I remember a guy called b00n from years ago. Did you played in NO4 with Braindead and Tweety?
  7. Welcome Gert. Ye we had a nice time on discord. Looking forward to the next one. V56
  8. Should be not more then 20 secs before the round ends
  9. Cortex https://et.trackbase.net/map/433/
  10. It happens randomly. Only while speccing and a few seconds before the End of the Round.
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