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  1. Welcome to the forums mr gamesense <3 It's an honour to get ET's best grenader here. 4-2 TSATSATSA
  2. I've never played NoQuarter so don't have any idea about that, but doesn't signal level 4 give you ability to spot and reveal enemy cvops. I think he is refering to that and it's a fair point if there is xp save "forever". But n4x basically everything is fixed at the campaign server which teammuppet also hosts so just join there today instead of the main server.
  3. Now who would be such a moron to laugh and roast you for something like that... Yeah the syringe accuracy seems to be a bit off and to emphasise the team play aspect and encourage medic to revive I think it would be better for it to rather be "too easy" than for it to require surgical precision. Sorry for off topic: I've also always thought picking up a gun from ground is sometimes a bit bugged and too hard in ET. Is this something that no one else has complained about or has been looked into?
  4. Lepari

    dark image

    Don't know about that but that is a horrible way to take a screenshot to be honest You should go to options --> controls and bind some key to "take a screenshot" and just use the key from now on. Alternatively, I guess the console command is /autoscreenshot. You can then find the screenshots you have taken from the Legacy directory of your ET.
  5. Lepari

    New server

    With this I agree wholeheartedly. It doesn't fit the nature of the server to have really high level panzer. Worst case scenario is that someone who is actually good with it and SMG plays as panza since level 4 gives SMG as a second weapon so you don't even have to pick up one if you want to use it in between shots. It is actually already level 1 which gives you ability to shoot more frequently (this is obtained really fast) and with level 3 (added movement speed) and 4 (Mp40/Thompson) it gets kind of ridiculous. I think it shouldn't be banned totally either, but limiting it to level 0 would be good in my opinion. You could still have akimbos as second weapon but not that frequent shooting.
  6. It's good as it is again. Snatch might not be the best map there is, but it is hard (actually impossible) to find 10 great maps. Month goes by quickly and then you can have something fresh instead of it again. In addition it seems to be a bit easier map for Axis (at least at the moment when Allies don't know what to do :D) which is refreshing when at least Adler, Frost, Radar, B4, Deli & Erdenberg have a bias towards Allies. People will soon learn Snatch and start to like it more, or at least hate it less. At the very least I think you should give it a couple of days more time. No matter what map you will replace it with, the whiners will whine.
  7. Lepari

    New server

    You mean the bigger server? Isn't there a xp save for forever or at least for a long time? Level 3 signals gives you twice as long arty and it doesn't even take the whole bar to cast it. It's really good that they have set it to two field ops max in that server. This server doesn't have that problem since it's xp reset every 10 maps and it isn't quick or easy to gain three levels on it. And your team having three field ops all the time would be a huge disadvantage anyway in a smaller server. Yeah SW is great but I do understand why it isn't used.
  8. You should check the other topic which is meant for this discussion. Stopwatch most definitely is the game mode which defines Enemy Territory and how it's meant to be played =) Among two equal teams Allies win something like 65-85% single objective matches and with stopwatch it is of course 50%. Still I totally understand why it is campaign and I'm fine with the decision. The server currently has very limited heavy weapons and it is doing quite well I would say. I've never said I want "no heavy weapons" like you claim. And on that "no levels" part, that's putting words to my mouth as well, the class related levels is an excellent addition to the server in my opinion. If you know what competitive gaming is there all the level ups have been disabled. I just merely pointed out that level 3 light weapons is an amazing upgrade without many people even realizing it. Many people might take 4 to 5 maps to get it and me, Xrb or Trs will have it in one or max two. So disabling it would be more helpful to newcomers. Have you honestly even played there yet? It already has plenty of regulars who are playing there really consistently and it's not vanilla which would have plenty of mines and also heavy weapons with few players. You could even argue that the only map which is actually vanilla is Radar if you consider the meaning of the word.
  9. Maybe this is the correct place to continue this? It's actually level 0 if you have only one clip as a medic. As medic is the "best class", choosing it should have some negatives as in less bullets and only one grenade. I actually think it would be great if the light weapons was locked at 0, since it would be totally equal and medic would be less good, but again I acknowledge that most would disagree with me since it would be "less fun". If the main thing is to make it fair for people who join in the middle of campaign (and noobs) then the light weapons level 3 & 4 are the ones which ruin it, since skilled players acquire those in one or two maps and the rewards for those levels are really really good. So max level 2 light weapons would give a lot more chance to "newbies or just joined" than implementing ammo cabinets. And again, I even play as a medic. Ahh good point on the intermission time, I think even I always automatically immediately click the ready button so I'm part of the problem Increasing the warmup time by 10 secs would do the trick then. Yeah it is your server and I totally understand it! I can play two campaigns in a row, first as Axis and then as Allied It's just funny how some people playing as Axis cry for team change and shuffle when you hold Braundorf for 14 minutes and actually if it was stopwatch mode (like ET is supposed to be) they would win the map at least 80% of time.
  10. Lepari

    New server

    Why not? :o Agreed on the latter part!
  11. Lepari

    New server

    I don't want to be rude but I do want the admins to get other opinions as well so here it goes: no, just no :D Inserting ammo cabinets would erase a big part of field ops game, which is to decide if you give ammo or use arty/airstrike instead. It would also negate the importance of having at least one fdops in your team in most of the situations and in addition make the rambo medics even more powerful. And I say this as a guy who plays medic 98% of the time. Covering the engineers is also big part of the gameplay so it's supposed to be like that way - if they end up dead & gibbed you're not supposed to just steal their class. Original spawntimes (mostly 30 Axis/20 Allies) is needed in order for this server to be different enough from the bigger server and to reward teams for killing opponents to full spawns. Is spawnkilling allowed "here" by the way? You guys made an expectional job in creating this server since it's so good already like it is. I personally would prefer to be able to take at least 3 fdops. It would mostly be used just briefly in a situations when the match is extremely close and the Axis side is trying to make a one last push to stop the truck escaping (Supply for example). I don't think you could spam too much with 3 fdops of whom probably all or at least two are just level 1. The increasing of intermission time by a little is actually a good suggestion, I don't care for the banter too much but it would be nice to be able to get a snack or drink without hurrying since the warmup is quite short as well. The biggest downside for me is that the server isn't stopwatch, although I understand playing same map twice especially when the teams suck might be tiresome for some people. But at the moment for Axis to win especially in some of the maps (Braun, Adler, Delivery etc), their team needs to be totally overpowered. Those maps very rarely got fullheld among equal levelled teams back when I was playing actively and now there is even more time added to the map. Now defending some map for 18 minutes seems like a failure and people suggest team shuffle after a 13 minute time on Adler.
  12. None please! The current cycle is awesome and fits the more competitive settings of this new (and better may I add) server.
  13. Welcome to TeamMuppet. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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