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Night Of The Classics!


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Hello guys,


3 weeks elapsed. Therfore here is another event. We'll meet up to play old and less known maps. Don't miss chance to play your old favourite map or tast a new one!! After every maps there will be options to vote the next one. But don't worry if you have one it sure will be played.

If you want to have more fun join us on our teamspeak. If you are shy to speak or just dont have mic, it doesn't matter anyway you are welcome!


More info down here:


Date: 30th of March

Start: 19:00 GMT



If you're available that night don't hesitate to come, more people = more fun! (Miraro's sentence :)



M&M team 



(I can't forgot to thanks again for poster - Oh it's not done yet -> Hurry up, Ben! )


(You're welcome mate!)
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sorry but i wont be there ..


i cannot attend event on most saturdays ..


has to be a sunday for me to join


hope ya'll have fun tho

well if you aint comin' i aint comin' either! Still need to get some kind of revenge on you for pwning me :D

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Thought the idea was a bit naff at first, but it was ok when I joined and played. Like Micha says, it was sometimes hard to tell between friend and foe, and I swear the was a lag or a delay or something lol - it just didn't feel right.


But thanks for putting it on :P I enjoyed kicking Macka's ass <3

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