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  1. I will help you DMXJ it was yesterday 6.02. Check logs from 14 to 15 and we will see who was trashtalking and being racist.
  2. lost


    Yup he was answering this guy who I reported
  3. lost


    He is called syndykator, he was banned for language once so this is your decision. He was triggered by this guy, but itd up to you, how you will handle this situation
  4. lost


    This guy cant behave on the server and trashtalking all the time, about everybody hates him becaue he is jew etc and he started to writing some racist sentences. Some screenshots in links. Some of his sentences: Poland should belong to Russia because this is useless country. He wish Poland will be bombed again. He told me to screw goat. He would give Poland to Isis Etc https://ibb.co/m02QXG1 https://ibb.co/svFvJng https://ibb.co/L58ghL6 https://ibb.co/sy1r0VP https://ibb.co/92rqzth https://ibb.co/3NPZxXn https://ibb.co/MCHc8HM https://ibb.co/sy8xSp7 https://ibb.co/nfVk5rB https://ibb.co/wK1cTGf https://ibb.co/Zdt1NJG
  5. lost

    Robert Plant

    Knardo contact me in prv message on discrod, probably his english is not so good so i will write what he mean and want. He is claiming that he did not start this trashtalk with Cain, in his opinion Cain started calling him with bad names. So he is asking admins to check logis from that day.
  6. lost

    Robert Plant

    screens from today, check his nicks https://ibb.co/N7bRswm https://ibb.co/5MhbYcz https://ibb.co/CtMjHrT
  7. lost

    Robert Plant

    This is Knardoo, constant cry baby on TM servers, so Im not suprised he is acting like that
  8. Strange for me is about 32Mbits/s so about 4MB/s
  9. There is cvar (do not remember which one) to allow http download in game, it is faster, without it you are downloading from game server directly which has limited bandwidth
  10. Do you have enabled http download in game ? It will make download much faster
  11. Every member can speak in case of reporting one of us. I deal with people like you everyday on the server. You all the time claiming that you did not anything wrong, you are clear, follow every rules and bad admins made wrong decisions. Kindergarten is over, follow the rules and there will be not problem at all.
  12. Another player who thinks that we OWE him anything or we are working for him. To be clear, admins are players too. We want to have fun, everyday some1 is not behaving, making sk/tk etc. Forum is the place to ask why some1 kick some1, mute, ban etc. In game we want to play or check if everything is ok. We dont have time to arguing or explaining everything in the game because this is not practical. You want to know who kicked/banned You and why. We gave you all the answers. You can accept them or not. We dont need to you kick you instantly, usually we are warning before kicking/banning, but if you doing the same thing again in one day, you have to deal with consequences. You were ask to go to forum and make a topic, you joined back the server and started arguing again. Thats all
  13. Additionaly cvops will be able to kill enemy mortar. Right now it is impossible at first stage of the game. Only opposite mortar can kill axis mortar in axis second spawn.
  14. Matu this is different story. Im pretty sure this spec999 is "the New normal " and he was mortaring axis second spawn on radar. After he was warned, he was trying to convince us that he is right. He was shooting slide on radar which is at the same line as axis front spawnexit. After warning he was duscussing with as all the time and I said that he can leave if he dont like our rules
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