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  1. What OS and version of legacy do you use (32/64 bit)?
  2. This map is 100% in axis favour. Most of the time allies cant even take a flag, so in my opinion, extra times should not be changed I checked wrong option should checked yes
  3. Sk scripts is a tool to help members/admins to make their lives easier. Every sk you made is noted in history, so I assume your history is very interesting and this is not the single case of accidential mortar shot. Every member/admin can make own decision, script is not above the members act. You wrote that you are shooting at the edge of sk area and this is the problem. Just do not shot in such places and you will not get warns etc. If you doing it almost everyday we can make action like Jessica did: ban you for specific time. If this punishment will not make any change in your gameplay I assure you, your ban will be longer every time. And I will write it again , SK IS FORBIDDEN ON OUR SERVER, script is allowing to make 2 sk - first is a warn, second - gib and 3 is a kick but this not mean that you can sk 2 times everytime because script allows it. Just follow the rules and such situation will not take place again. If you are experienced mortar player you exactly know how to use this weapon and calculate place where shot will hit, so there is no any excuses for you. For the last: JUST FOLLOW THE RULES
  4. Yup Mani i suggested this room should be protected from heavies etc because when allies are on last stage to take docs this is the only way for axis to go to obj (im not talking about route from cp because when allies hold it, it is nearly impossible for axis to go this way). And right now this room is full of nades, pf, rifles etc, sometimes axis cant even pass this room because of spam of heavy weapons. And when im online and I find that some1 is using heavy here im giving such player warn, so this is not true that there were not any warn because of action in this room
  5. For me it is ok, i can play soldier with smg, without any problem and I think we dont need 10 medics BUT in this case engs should be limited too especially with rifles and number of nades on engs AND im pretty sure limit solider to max 3 stars will balance game more
  6. Sorry cyber but this is the most funny comment i see in this thread so fops should only give ammo and place arts, cvops should only take clothes and allow friendly team to pass through enemy lines (doors etc), eng should only place dyna and the ONLY class which should only fight will be soldier
  7. Can we Just finish this crying about medic class ? Medics are not causing any chaos comparing for example to engineers with 8 nades and rifles. For me medic can have limited his class only to 1 point (no green syringe, lower speed of recharging medpacks etc) but it will not change anything comparing to spam of nades, mortar etc
  8. About 1 point, you can disable it by r_wolffog 0
  9. Lie Jessica ! im throwing nades to destroy tanks etc
  10. In my opinion soldier class should not be able to achevie lvl4 like medic and it will balance mortar and pf
  11. I voted NO too because this will cause a lot problems and complains. Spawn area is a safe place i used it sometimes to tweak small thing in cfg, change class, hud etc. It usually take only few seconds and like Ctrz wrote, sometimes you need to make some action outside the game for example: fill cup with water, talk to some1 in home etc. Im not talking about constant afkers who are joining the game and standing all the time in spawn, for this we have afk script
  12. Hi Sklamak This was the mistake Im sorry about it. There is one player From Poland who were using very similar IP like You and he is banned on our server. Why are you using VPN, because when I checked your ip it shows that is VPN ip. To be honest I do not recognize your name and you are very handy with Polish langauge thats why I thought you are Zublik Sorry for this misunderstanding
  13. I will help you DMXJ it was yesterday 6.02. Check logs from 14 to 15 and we will see who was trashtalking and being racist.
  14. lost


    Yup he was answering this guy who I reported
  15. lost


    He is called syndykator, he was banned for language once so this is your decision. He was triggered by this guy, but itd up to you, how you will handle this situation
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