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Are you ready to BASERACE?


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TeamMuppet presets: BaseRace Marathon.


Friday the 3rd of december TeamMuppet will organise a baserace event.
The main goal of the evening is fun, but to make it a little more interesseting we will play 3 rounds of 25 min and shuffle the teams every round.
Do you manage to win all 3 rounds?
Congratulations! You can call yourself the BaseRace master and will receive a small price of $20*.

When?: 03-12-2021, 8PM CET
Discord?: TeamMuppet Discord

Round 1: 20.05 - 20.30 (Baserace normal)
Round 2: 20.35 - 21.00 (Baserace winter)
Round 3: 21.05 - 21.30 (Baserace desert)

We are looking forward to welcome you at our BaseRace server.

*If there are multiple people with 3 wins, the player with the most XP wins.

Are you in? Please make contact in the baserace channel or pm  @Matu - @0wN1x - @HunteR.

TeamMuppet & Hunter

Artwork by @0wN1x

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2 hours ago, lost said:

Map is fixed already ? I remember that regardless of the result one team always win (probably axis) ?

this is a map script we have on our main server so the map finishes or the map will not end until one side wins.

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