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ETL2 server settings

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There has been another discussion on what should and what shouldn't the settings be for ETL2, it was originally set up to be a copy of the main server regarding settings but with less players and only small maps as the campaign server had the more pro settings, thoughts please.

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    I think there's definitely the players for 2 populated servers during peak time but.. :D
  2. guess it's a marketing issue mostly? idk

I agree with both. At peak times main server is full so there is demand and ETL2 needs more identity, like what it wants to be. What would make some portion of ETL main server choose ETL2 instead. I think the main difference could be amount of players as there is actually a lot of comments about crowded small maps. So ETL 2 possibly can offer less crowded server.

Advertise events for ETL2 just to get players in discord or forums. Peak times of weekends perhaps? just invite players to join see if it will work.

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