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  1. i always loved MLB Temple or MLB D-Day, but Temple the most
  2. Thank you TeamMuppet for accepting me


  3. lairnoc

    Christmas Event

    Want to come, but can't we have acouple days London again with the kids and all ... But maybe i can sneak my laptop with me Aerpods in , blancket over my head and go haha
  4. i just played a bit and haing a hard time keeping the teams out of eachother.. whats specific for allies and axis? I just don't see it besides a name above their heads
  5. what about temple? I always enjoyed playing that map back in the day
  6. I agree 100%, but never use it. Maybe i should haha
  7. Welcome terra. Hope you like it too. See you on the server!
  8. I was in that map. It was HUGE... Don't know exactly if i really like it ...
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