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  1. Darn breaks getting longer each day!
  2. Welcome here! You should team up with @StaR to write some Muppet news-articles. I think you're made for it. See you on the server!
  3. Added 1 to Baserace for you. You're welcome mate!
  4. Hi all! There have been several suggestions of maps and I have added them all to this months map poll. I've put the links to the maps in the hidden description below. Poll will be up untill Monday next week. Good luck voting!
  5. Hi Beeker, I think your problem is that most of the players in the Small Maps server happen to be actual bots. So non-human players. That explains them not replying to your messages. Try visiting the more human-populated servers, like: TeamMuppet Beginners TeamMuppet ETLegacy TeamMuppet ETL Campaign You will find people using team-messages a lot more here. I fact I believe discord is used mostly for events or besides the game, not for regular objective play. To join our discord, click here! Good luck!
  6. Well this is exactly what is wrong with the hitboxes right now. It has been better in the past so I am hoping the current situation will be fixed in the future. For me most fun is currently out of the game to be honest.
  7. Nice intro! Welcome and looking forward to your application
  8. GoldenDunk would be cool! We had it in ETpub years and years ago, map lenght set to 10 minutes I believe. Very nice to have a map to fool around between all seriousness of blowing bunker controls, big bertha's and fuel dumps.
  9. Voted too. Could we add Minastirth then as well?
  10. I think it has improved a bit. Some things I did notice, and I will try to be specific to make it more tangible. For many people the med-packs are not shown, they do seem to work (although invisible). Sometimes the body of your enemy disappears, literally. So you don't need to gib. But you cant pickup their gun for ammo either. Sometimes this happens to a player. I was shooting this medic, when suddenly WOOSH, gone. No body, no sound, no notification of self-kill or any of that. Just vanished instantly. Not even a weapon on the floor. Walking into teammates is still sticky, hitboxes are still off. All these things happened on a 7 vs 7 session, so not too many people online actually.. Well, hope this can be of any help. Also, I do hear a lot of complains on the forum as well as online, and people are actually leaving the server due to the problems. Even members start to leave our community right now. I don't want to be the bad guy, but I think we should be critical here. The current approach to the development seems to come with a high cost and maybe the costs are starting to get too high. Can we think of a solution for this? Members leaving our clan is probably not what we want.
  11. Chair has, players seems to be a new issue. I get that. Very unfortunate. I don't expect the offset hitboxes to have something to do with the population of the server. This problem has never occurred before, even with the high numbers of players. Thank you Mini, that's a good perspective. Let's hope for the better then.
  12. So hitboxes are still weird, and movement is buggy. Bumping into a player feels sticky. Are there any resolutions for this?
  13. So this would mean in the passed days nothing has changed. But gameplay is totally different compared to, say last week. How is this possible? This wasn't the case last week.
  14. To add to this. Hitboxes in general seem to be way off, and very weird. While aiming at an AFK at the head, I hit the body. Aiming in the air would hit the head. Then proning sometimes makes you invincible, and you have to aim below your proning enemy in order to hit him. Syringes right in the middle of a body seem to miss most of the times. Also, there is a weird bounce from bullethits and nades. Enemy nades isntanly turn you into a NASA-pilot.
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