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  1. Offtopic alert: I remember it beeing nq or jaymod server where soldiers could have shotgun+smg+adrenaline+double jump Cannot remember having more fun
  2. I would add gravity to the panzer if I could. That would make playing with it much more difficoult . And taking away SMG is not a bad idea either.
  3. I think the CP spawn limited spawnpoints is by the design to make it bit easier for axis to even try to blow up cp & to have less allied spawning up closer when cp is done.
  4. there is version with similar to this. there is also version where you can build like long ramp-ladder to beach that you can climb to the gun thats pretty fun in all honesty
  5. I think the issue with axis spawnpoint at CP is the fact that they spawn basically in that CP. If they would spawn near backdoor when CP is built then it would be fine. And if allied would spawn also bit further from cp - top of the hill where railing ends - then that gives axis also some chance to fight for cp again
  6. I could make nice self-dialogue out of this But wouldnt be bad idea to stop the truck tbh because that helps allies a lot.
  7. You still mean Praetoria 2 but also 1 and 3 are pretty fun maps.
  8. Basically punish for completing objective ?
  9. Its always better to fix things rather than just remove them. Evolving maps in gaming is based on principle to fixing them and renewing them.
  10. Maybe not truck but stealing documents is a good trigger for losing flag spawn and keeping the first spawn and cp spawn (and get flag back when cp is destroyed). Axis have very little ways to get cp back or stop truck as they can mostly attack only from one side and with allied short spawntimes, its impossible to go through 2nd truck barrier behind the enemy.
  11. You mean the flag spawn or the very first spawn? I would disable flag spawn once the CP spawn is active.
  12. 1. No, because its basically "capturable spawn" so SK there as much as you like. 2. Agreed. Would be okay if allowed just 2 people spawn there. Should be possible to limit number of players spawning places. 3. Agreed, its not helping allies at all and overpowering axis too much. Disable 3 and keep either 1+2 or disable both.
  13. I think its the bots. At least right now in nitmod server allied bots dont really know what to do.
  14. yea, I recall this beeing better version but also had some kind of issue. Lets see what the feedback brings.
  15. Wouldnt be bad idea to actually build up all maps like this if possible. I remember mlb_daybreak beeing very popular due that very same reason as it was often very on the edge if axis will proceed quick enough to complete task before time runs out.
  16. Oh, we should implement this with medics and their medpacks. If they consume their own medpacks, they will be delayed to shoot again X amount of time or consume another of their own medpack X amount of time. Nice idea tbh. Fixes the rambomedic issue.
  17. It does for planting mines and dyna but doesn't effect defusing. I think the riflenade spam is one side of the coin where one could get some advantage vs tommy/mp40 (and why not even panzer players) players but head to head pretty sure rifle user mostly loses. I have yet to see in public server a huge multikill from engineer garand/rifle bullets. That balances the gun out well as it's only beneficial in longer distance usage. I'm just making sure we are all on same page as it is not so black and white case of regular player suggesting a change rather a (you want to say now former?) competitor giving his opinion. I think it's fair to point that out and is nothing to be raged about. Can't wait. Video gives more info and emotion further than description with words.
  18. You are correct in there. It's funny and strange to see topic like this - asking for a change (possibly unpopular one) - coming from someone who is or at least has tried multiple time to get his own clan server active.. but still comes back to TM servers.
  19. And why current server is full every evening.
  20. But if their fav map is only one of 3 (or 4) that are being voted then it might stand a chance to be selected. Today these odd map get one pro-vote and that's it. Just take 4 maps and let people choose from them. Next time new 4 that are next 4 in queue and that's it. And the map that gets selected will be on some cooldown time, so those groups of 4 are refreshed after every selection.
  21. Could we limit the next map selection to 3 or 4 maps only?
  22. And after 15v15 rifles to everyone ?
  23. And without rifles its full of grenades and flamer and rambomedics anyway. Just some parts of map are more sensitive to rifles and some are not.
  24. Its not the spawntimes that is the issue, its the lack of room to play. Small maps are just fragfests and people who are good in completing objectives and enjoy that side of map dont really like tiny cubbies with 40 people fragging out.
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