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  1. And don't forget that you are guest in TM servers. TM community and what it offers (servers to play ET in, forum to discuss stuff and discord server to have daily interactions with other community members) is not public service. As long as it is under someones ownership and responsibility - the rules and policies are set in place by the ones in charge. You don't like them - noone forces you to stay here. You are free to play elsewhere. You want to have discussion about politics - there is a time and place for that, but gameserver chat is not that. You can have whatever color names you wish in server - yellow/blue to support Ukraine, Sweden or Kazakhstan if you like. Blue/white/red combination - support Russia, France, Panama, Costa Rica etc. That is not an issue. If you start using set names that are not welcomed at current time then you will be noted and you either change name or leave the server. It is nothing new - it was the same with Covid, terrorist attacks etc. You are somewhat correct and somewhat incorrect. Jessica is not the one to decide if Russian terroristic attack against Ukraine is right or wrong BUT he is very much in position to decide what is okay to be voiced in TM servers/forum/discord (names, public chat etc). Hope your greek uncle is doing well at the moment. +1
  2. In my humble opinion, the main 2 downsides of automated afk kick from spec are: a) if the person going afk will say "I will be back in 4 minutes, I need to go toilet" (for example) and then he still can be kicked b) if the person who joins will also just stay in spec I remember back in old community we used to kick all specs when server got full. All got warning and all were booted to keep it fair (with the exception of members in member slot and admin/sc slots).
  3. First - post it in player abuse? Really? Secondly - as I radically agree with "special economics operations" (not sanctions in Putins terms) that are forced on people in Russia and I understand why they are unfairly put under pressure, I believe that activities that people do in free time (and which has no economical benefit) should not be banned. Even more - playing games in servers outside Russia (FPS games like ET, CS, valorant, R6S etc, all mmorpg games ..) maybe gives those Russian people the only way to communicate people outside Russia as facebook, twitter, youtube etc are all closed off. They have no real ways to connect to their friends and get at least some accurate information on what is going on. Coming from former USSR state and from behind Iron Curtain - I know fairly well how tough is to be cut off from rest of the world.
  4. Too soft "I'm running away from war" award (like I ain't got no friends...)
  5. how often do you write him normal letters so that he would know both of your normal handwriting?
  6. no. if flag is captured permanently after 1 time then the map would be even harder for allies. currently its actually benefitting them if axis spawn either cp or flag and not with everyone in their main spawn.
  7. most impressive allied victories happen when axis have cp, allies get flag and gets indoors and then before dyna plant some axis gets the flag back and engineers who want to defuse dyna spawn either in cp or in flag
  8. I have trust in how DiNg handled that. If he goes back to his old ways then firm punishment should be in agenda. Some people just needs more explaining on how their behaviour is not accepted. If we can "fix them" before/instead of banning then less angry and maybe more thankful for the last chance they are.
  9. yup. But I've been using that "bug" or "exploit" as long as I can remember.Somehow found it and kept using it throughout all years in jaymod, NQ, etpub, etpro, ETL ... . You can also always bind some key like /bind {key} "team s" but it also requires other execute than chatbox or console and you can use it instead of going through limbo menu. Have not tried if some command into console would also allow to change to spec or not.
  10. You press "quick chat" on the bottom, then little pop up is shown (same as pressing V) and then you can press "L" (or whatever you have binded for limbo menu) and limbo menu will open. Choose whatever you want from there.
  11. No, you can still open limbo menu if you press voice chat and go spec from there. Idea is valid but it would cause a lot of bad drama as there will be more people in spec because they want to play on certain side or with certain people. I remember that similar discussion rised when we discussed to have shuffle at the beginning or end at every map like we had in one of our servers which was more targeted to competitive people. Extending warmup time is viable idea but some people are really against it and has pushed the narrative to make it even shorter. I would say that autobalancer could/should work much faster than it is working right now and move people around 10s from the moment equasion of both teams beeing even in playernumbers or maximum +1 is no longer valid & repeat again with similar speed when it is still not valid. Currently balancer waits pretty long time to give chance to others to swap.
  12. you just read through what I wrote, but I say again - can we please keep this topic about selfkills and if you want to discuss "2fops/team" question then lets open new topic to discuss it. Shouldnt be too hard
  13. Not really normal behaviour. More of a exploit that has gone so far that its very hard to get control over it again. I remember watching pro games between teams when "selfkill" was not a thing, but was a part of game. Selfkill was coded in to give stuck player or lost player chance to respawn again. If there are issues with sniper class or firerate of fg42 then it should be discussed in that topic - it serves no purpose to bring complaints over other features to this topic here. There were times when enemy got rewarded for your selfkill, there were times where selfkills were limited 5 per map. There were times when selfkill in battle was not allowed. Times changes, people changes, opinion changes - we can only reach to somewhat objective result when we try to analyse both sides of the story and not just the side that we are on.
  14. Well, it seems that for some people it matters. Its like in sports when you are having good game, doing personal best result and suddenly game is finished due a "mercy rule".
  15. Seems like people are fine with nerfing every class or weapon that they dont play . Maybe limit nade damage then by 30%? And make medic health lower, but engineer health higher. Currently its opposite. That would even out the gameplay much more then nerfing rnades that are available to few players per team only + they cannot be spammed but just shot and they have cooldown time also.
  16. are you saying "no" because it would be disadvantage to you ?
  17. The issue is not nades. The issue is the number of people defending. You bring adlernest as example - when it is defended by 6 people then you have avg 2 people guarding each way in (bridge; lower; axis spawn). The corridors do not get narrower and grenades stronger but if you add 15 more people in server then its impossible to play. If you are fan of football - have you seen how hard the game gets when defending team has all the players in defence. Same applies here. Lets just get rid of tiny maps and you will see how different the game is. Surely noone is complaining about the amount of nades in baserace for example. And for sure there are many more open area maps that are more suitable to 20vs20 gameplay than caen or adlernest.
  18. Well in all honesty, whats the difference between getting killed by smg, panzer or grenade? When someone is standing still and throwing grenades then that players is also not very protected or useful in other senses. You can use mines or arty or airstrikes or mortar or whatever to hold chokepoints. Thats the point of this game. Without nades ET would be even more a meatgrinder where everyone just keeps running in over and over and over again. Maybe thats the reason why I today somewhat dislike this game - because it has lost any tactical meaning and its just run and shoot.
  19. It was this way in old server where that kill was awarded. Not in legacy. I would add 2 sec delay to selfkill command to make selfkills in battle not a thing anymore. If someone wanna tap out for ammo, then it can still be timed.
  20. I dont think we should start modifying everything that has been acceptable last 15+ years. That includes the amount of nades someone has.
  21. I just stayed away from all variables that can differ from 0%-100% as for example there can be full team respawning vs noone which makes the full math needlessly difficult. Add the fact that time is not counted in full seconds and that teams spawntimers can also be not in sync tact wise makes broad calculations best for easy estimation.
  22. Well if you think that you can beat maths and probability equasions and rules then go ahead.
  23. That's your mistake on this case. I did mathematical calculation only - which does not need further data because for calculating frequency of some events occurrence has no bias in normal case. I calculated it very much in general as I didnt take into account 1/10 of a second accuracy, probability of flag capturing not beeing registere by game due ping/lag etc But dont make mistake of guessing the numbers just becaue you feel like flag capture takes place always in last seconds. It rarely does as it usually needs timing and knowledge of enemies spawntime. You can test how much you like but maths cant be bent with such bias. Making spawntime 2 sec longer for defending team vs generating more spawncycles per minute to attacking team - first is just one fixed number, second is very exponential as it gives more medics to revive, more attackers to kill defenders and increasing the flag capture probability + tank building probability which also gives flag. If you wanna talk more about maths or statistics or analysis - we can do that in some other tooic or place. Its just making this topic harder to handle. Jusy remove the map then. Some maps are not meant for 20vs20 or add those new popular glassroofs over some very difficult bottleneck areas to make arty/strike less usable (for balance, it can be also added near allied last spawn).
  24. Makes literally no sense. You can increase it to 1 minute but it will not be 5x as effective. The probability to capture flag 1 sec after allied respawn is 5.5% (with 18sec spawntime) and 6.25% (with 16sec spawntime) so its a pretty minor improvement.
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