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  1. Well how low can we go? They are already level 2 if im correct - if you go lower, then they will basically just stand in one place or dont shoot back at all. Dont take it personally, but they are beatable at the moment to most people with playing pistol only - so if you have trouble with normal weapons, then just keep working on getting better and like in all crafts in life - skill will only increase when faced with challenge. Otherwise people will log in and there is no hope.
  2. I think the event went well. The community descision to move themed stuff to main server and have halloween-weekend there seemed to be justified as I heard very little unhappy growls next to whole amount of pure happiness and fun. I have people pm'd me few times during weekend personally that its a nice refreshment to the server and I think we should be all thankful to all masterminds and helpful hands who made that possible (surely @Matu & @0wN1x will make a nice thank you note for all of us to react to ).
  3. Hey! As Halloween weekend is now over in the main server I took the tiny responsibility to sit my time in forum and collect all the feedback about the event. Your feedback will be handy to make descisions about future themed events like christmas etc. Feel free to write me in here as comment, as PM or in discord. Main things that could be given opinion about are: a) how did you like the overall mood in server at this weekend? b) how did you like the custom sounds? c) how did you like the custom visual elements? (skins on some weapons, player models, login screen, limbo menu etc) d) how did you the event taking place in main server (ETL1)? e) how did you like the organizing and did you felt involved in deciding what will happen (and where) and in organizing? No need to involve all these points in the answer - use them as somewhat "guiding help". Please keep the replies on topic and if possible - constructive too. Br, C#
  4. Nothing works better than whole community beeing vocal and invested in this matter. "Lets make and keep teams fair" should be also the values of players in dominating team. I've seen too many times when people are vocal when losing but silent and not caring when winning. If we ever get so far that both sides want to keep game fair and interesting then we can solve this issue. But it doesnt help if few voices say "teams are unfair" and others say or do nothing. There has been too many times when members or admin face very negative feedback straight away after doing shuffle with very unfair teams. How long do you think that people have motivation to fight this uphill battle? Do something good but get verbally abused moments later?
  5. Hey. Thats how life sometimes goes. People tend to escape from ship thats is sinking. It is very hard to judge who leaves team for what reason - do they leave because they dont like to lose, are they tired of game etc. I think penalizing leaving team at the end or at any time during game is not very reasonable .. as it is still just a game .
  6. I actually was not joining at all but you said I should so I did
  7. See you! If you miss the good community feeling then join also our discord. Or even better - join TM !
  8. Already went into the kids christmas fund
  9. uh? Yea, he had the worse luck. There was somehow real possibility for him to even be left out :O
  10. Oof. Would love that medal in my forum account somehow
  11. I think one m00f has caused more ragequits than all mortars in ET combined.
  12. Would love to hear about them and discuss them through. Rules are not here to stay the same forever - if we find better solution to ensure equal and good gameplay for all then surely TM is willing to overlook set rules. Thats usually the case for mortar and arty/strikes that they are there to tactically block some route to the objective. They can be tedious and irritating but with arty/strike smoke is visible and you are not able to spam mortar so often that there is no safe moment between shots. For some reason, a lot of people forget the tactical approach to the game and try to execute same plan over and over again in a hope to achieve different result.
  13. Or just add glass roofs to obv places where mortar can undisturbedly sit the entire game and make them use it more out in the open and be vunerable to be killed. In oasis its pretty hard to be axis mortar and shoot around wall area without beeing vunerable to allies because the axis spawn has glass roof and mortar have to sit then more out in the open.
  14. I'd say A can be somewhat allowed on both scenarios (either axis or allies spawn in that building) depending on how far the impact from exit door actually is. Its not like you are 10cm out from spawn and then your on your own but it needs to be sensible (the green "rectangle") area where you shouldnt take damage. Same is in goldrush - there is a little room to go out until you can be hit with mortar. B is for sure allowed as it may be "annoying" but thats what defending is all about - closing the routes for allies to proceed forward to their objectives. You can still avoid it as mortar fire ist not as intense as mg42 for example (purple pathways) and it is a very important area for axis to keep clear when boat is beeing moves under the bridge you have in this picture to even have a chance to defent the last barrier and finish area. Venice gets more out of balance the more defenders there is in the game. If you position 15-20 people in library, then its very hard to allies to get in. If you position in this picture them before tank goes past the fence, then its really difficoult to reach tank and to move it or even repair it. When tank is not broken, then axis can even use it to shoot allies down. But also, the more you can cut down axis reinforcements in 2nd phase of the game to the library, the better chance you have. Allies have for example every right to mortar the library main entrance to have as empty library as possible. BTW, ty for the picture. Much easier to discuss.
  15. Is mortar at spawn exit not allowed - yes. Is it a spawn exit - no. The exit from spawn is the doorway of that house (none of 4 doorwaysof that building are not allowed to be mortared) is not allowed to be mortared according to current ruleset. Bridge is further up the road and fine to be aimed at. If mortar lands close enough to damage people at spawn exit then by rules the people shooting mortar should move his aim further away. Gold rush has same rules - you are supposed to be able to get away from spawn exit to open area without getting hit by mortar and in oasis - you should be able to go through small exit area near wall without getting hit also (as an alternative to the wall opening). Would be better if you point out not area on map but what you have in mind exactly in the map (screenshot from map and point in there).
  16. Ctrz

    ETL Campaign is a GO

    +rep to @Bystry & @eMMiel who also helped a lot!
  17. Playing rambo medic and holding of positions is a strategy in ET. Same as emptying areas with panzer or airstrike/arty. To what? What is your suggestion ?
  18. I doubt people have much against nitmod but the main "issue" is that it is supposed to be beginner server. If played laid back and easy then people get bored easily. If regular players will play more agressively then usually I have much higher K/D than regular beginners in that server. Also there are people who dont like the tripmines or throwable knives or fast fire for example.
  19. You are free to kill in that spawn as long as that kill comes from return fire. Its not allowed to shoot first but as soon as you get shot from there or someone runs out from there and then back - feel free to shoot and kill (with light weapons only). If you shoot him with light weapon when he is shooting, then it is considered (in my experience) as return fire, which is allowed.
  20. wow, impressive introduction . nice to meet you and see you in servers!
  21. You are not even understanding what you did wrong. That is so sad. Classical case where you are appealing not because you were wrongly accused or regret what you did. Oh no - your only regret lies in the fact that you got caught. There is no need for fortune telling to know from life experience that you will not change the manner of how you behave but just be more careful and make jokes like this again. But this time only just when no admin or TM member or vocal community member is around. For me the first infraction was already over the top and I wouldn't give you any leeway or easing on this.
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