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  1. I like to comment just to say this: Funny to see this topic, and secondly.. Server is mostly full.. It means people on server doesnt see that there is that kind 'problem'.. Because if server is havin problems then it would be more empty and than full.. And players might go other servers if its having big problems.. @Ctrz good comment So finally I think it like that, it really isnt a big 'problem'.. Its more personal problem to some players.. But anyway ET is old game..
  2. I vote F2 if this goes under vote.. But I vote F1 for all classes limitations, but that way that there isnt counted under limtations soldiers with basic gun.. Just sayin..
  3. Maybe less medics.. I play mostly with rilfe.. Havent seen rifles as problem.. But if almost all are medics then game goes extremely hard.. Just sayin.. But its endless talking, always people want limit something.. Maybe easier is to say to them, try shoot better.. Or try keep teams more even, than that all strong players goes to same team..
  4. Pictures doesnt show "who" is muted and WHEN it started and what happened first.. This topic doesnt say much to mee.. That what really happened.. Sorry to say, but I didnt understand this one.. That what point of topic.. I mean screenshot doesnt say who is muted by who and how long and why?
  5. I suggest o take screenshots, and send it to admins.. And ask <=TM=> members to take info about players.. Iftheres anyone from TM around.. Player colours can be anykind of, I dont think peoples setting of player colours maked them banned.. But player can anytime tell to us if thinks some colour code looks unfriendly, but its other thing how we react to it.. More is about what they say or how provocative names they use.. I think its said already in upper posts.
  6. I think its 2.60b because ETLegacy its a MOD.. So I think its just 2.60/2.60b
  7. Would be fun have the rank after every map that which player has typed the most /kill during the map..
  8. For me Kensta sounds familiar name.. Just sayin that you know.
  9. I had C64, but I sold it to my school mate with 20euros I had that wolfenstein on it too but fo real the wolfenstein which came 2002-2202 was better.. Wolf3d I play nowadays sometimes too... Most of my C64 games were broken because I keeped those games whenever whereever.. So they went bad..
  10. 10 years? I have been since 2011 in TM but, there was a part was away.. But I have been in ET scene and plaiyng since 2003... Soon 20 years I'm 100% sure 20 years will come too as playing time ready soon.. Will see then how goes then with 30 years in ET...
  11. Sounds bad idea. Sory but, mostly the game only fills with that kill spam then.. It comes very annoying during the time..
  12. Just came into my mind again, Thief City map.
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