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Halloween event feedback


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As Halloween weekend is now over in the main server I took the tiny responsibility to sit my time in forum and collect all the feedback about the event. Your feedback will be handy to make descisions about future themed events like christmas etc.

Feel free to write me in here as comment, as PM or in discord. :cheers:

Main things that could be given opinion about are:

a) how did you like the overall mood in server at this weekend?
b) how did you like the custom sounds?
c) how did you like the custom visual elements? (skins on some weapons, player models, login screen, limbo menu etc)
d) how did you the event taking place in main server (ETL1)?
e) how did you like the organizing and did you felt involved in deciding what will happen (and where) and in organizing?

No need to involve all these points in the answer - use them as somewhat "guiding help". :) 

Please keep the replies on topic and if possible - constructive too. :hi:



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I personally love these kind of events. 
but I can also see that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. (But there are more ET servers for them I guess).

The soundpack was awesome just like the map choices, got lost on several maps and liked it. The welcome screen was a nice touch aswel (again I’m a sucker for these kind of events).

For me personally 9 out of 10 stars (why was Venice in the rotation, just to really scare me? 🤣🤣).

Now, bring on the xmass exploding snowballz and what more!!

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Overall I give it 7.5/9 (because nobody gets a 10 😆)


Things I liked:

- Loading screen very good

- Many of the GFX very simple but well done, don't look cheap/crappy.

- Custom levlelshots, with "happy halloween"  nice touch.

- Ghostbusters flamer looks amazing, keep that in the game.

- Sounds: some funny, good quality, nice replacement sounds for environment, well made.


Didn't liked:

- Mines a little too big, maybe not orange enough too.

- Stone skull texture far too dark, some map make axis invisible.

- Allied/Axis win flag at end of game looked a little out of place, would have better to have the regular flags with blood stains in my opinion.

- Sound: Some annoying, far too long (eg capture west bunker,,, blah blah) , some seem very quiet, hard to hear.

- Allied heads looked really bad, from a disatnce they look like wearing rice farmer hat and close up like a Rutabaga vegetable. Axis had good face mod, Allied would have looked good as "Dead Snow" zombies in my opinion.

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Hey everyone

First of all thank you for passing by on ETL1 and test our Halloween mod!

Postive points:
- everyone is on the same place - easy for chit chats and daily talks
- loading screen and limbo menu edits were Halloween related without much blabla (clean edits)
- Halloween maps were played more then expected even Haunted Mansion was a great succes
- you dont have to hop in to another server and always play the mod with alot of other players

- players who really dont like it could easily delete the pk3 file but still fill up the server.

- a bit to much sounds (panzer - airstrike kills and capture flag)
- axis skin was difficult to see in dark maps

At the end i loved the halloween package for a weekend, it breaks the monthly routine and was fun for a couple of days.

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Great initiative! I wasn't annoyed by most of the things and I liked several! 

Not so great: 

  • Too much sound. Some of those sentences just kept on going on repeat. 
  • Mines: wtf? Too big. Somehow hard to avoid because of that. 
  • Heads: I couldn't recognize classes because of those heads. I never knew if there was a medic nearby to heal me or which one I had to revive first to have an engi alive. 
  • Tortured cat sounds


  • Limbo menu. That blood makes it so much better. 
  • Halloween maps (just nice to have some change. Don't think I would want most of them in usual rotation. Though I do like Warbell!) 
  • Exit menu (there, I said it Dmxj) 
  • Tortured cat sounds 

Please keep this forever: 

  • Green flames. OH MY GOD. Those green flames are so pretty. Why would a flamethrower have to shoot orange flames anyway?!
  • Push and knive sounds. (Okay, to be fair: it might encourage pushing a bit too much. But OH MY those are great sounds!)
  • The occasional "boomstick" sound. Just not all the time on repeat. 
  • Skull textures on tunnel walls. Wauw, those are pretty! 

Some ideas: 

  • Christmas push sounds is a jingle bell 
  • Tortured santa sounds 
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2 hours ago, Trinorae said:

Tortured santa sounds

What does that even sound like?

Hoh hoh ho -ooooooooooh ahhhhhhh!

I'd be game to collab with someone for some tortured santa sounds.

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Heya Guys

Really liked the event!

Most of the people were very positive about it.
Because i have Corona atm i was online almost the whole weekend.
Atmosphere was great!

You always keep a few that are difficult, but on the other hand it was really easy to delete if you really hated it!

I really liked the Blood Limbo menu, the blood everywere.
The green flames and soundpacks were amazing!
Like the blood snow/rain on Radar/Railgun! Didnt make the game laggy for me at all!

Skull textures on walls, it was nice to see but maked the Axis team a little bit harder to spot!
The mines were a little bit to big in my opinion.

At the end, i think it was pretty successful!
Looking forward to the next event.





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I think the event went well. The community descision to move themed stuff to main server and have halloween-weekend there seemed to be justified as I heard very little unhappy growls next to whole amount of pure happiness and fun. I have people pm'd me few times during weekend personally that its a nice refreshment to the server and I think we should be all thankful to all masterminds and helpful hands who made that possible (surely @Matu & @0wN1x will make a nice thank you note for all of us to react to ).


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As everyone has said, was a great (Pumpkin) surprise to see all the neat theme changes for Halloween :D


And even though I'm ashamed to admit I agree with Trin, the axis skins were a little hard to figure out who was who as far as class someone was. Other than that, really loved it! Also didn't realize how celebrated Halloween was globally, so that was a nice learning experience ❤️ 


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I liked the Halloween weekend, enjoyed it much! So did everyone I talked to or played with over the weekend.
(a.) Mood, atmosphere was great as far as I could tell. Fun to see in some maps I wasn't the only one lost for a change.
(b.) The "B(r)oomstick" audio is fun but very very present suppressing much of the rest that is happening.
(c.) Liked all visual elements, maybe reduce landmine pumpkin size to 25% of what it was. I did hear more experienced players mention it was hard to identify class, from my perspective I'm happy if I can see the difference between allies and axis at all, let alone differentiate between classes but maybe something to address. Also if possible increase head-size of my teams opponent by at least 200% please.
(d.) I think events like these should be on the main server, its a community event so should be on the main stage.
(e.) Great Job! "Goed Bezig!"

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  • 2 weeks later...

I really liked the fact that it took place on the main server during the whole weekend. It gave the opportunity to less playing players and people with weird work schedule like me to attend. Thanks a lot for making this huge decision, and taking the risk :)


Only the mines were a little bit too big. Sometimes you felt like walking in your grandma's garden after smoking drugs and trying not to crush those pumpkins she grows with love.



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